Jessica Torres

Model Troddle

Hey guys! I just have to blog about this wonderful experience I was able to be part of. On friday I modeled for Marie Claire! Yes, Marie Claire! Like if this wasn’t enough it gets better. I was personally selected by Nicolette Mason; columnist for “Big Girl in a Skinny World.” I could have not been more excited. The entire experience was amazing. Nicolette Mason and her wonderful crew (Sierra and Kimberly, sweetest girls ever!) ย got the four models dressed. By the way the clothing was so cute and the shoes were to die for! We modeled at the NBC show “New York Live.” The segment was about myth busting rules that say that plus size girls can’t wear. I think they did a great job. ย Did I mention the wonderful girls I met. Hi Michelle, Yolanda and Angela! So, I have wanted to meet Nicolette Mason for a gazillion years now and this was such a great a experience. Here are the pictures I took and below you’ll find the segment. Oh and as if the day could have not gone any better my sister surprised me with J.Lo and Enrique Iglesia’s floor concert tickets, talk about #winning!

Hola chicos y chicas! Les tengo que contar de esta maravillosa experiencia de la cual fui parte el viernes pasado. Modele para la revista Marie Claire en NBC en el show “New York Live!” Me dijeron que fui elegida por Nicolette Mason! Soy una seguidora fiel de ella y me encanta. Ella es una mujer super linda y cordial con todos. Para los que viven en el pais de los perdidos y no saben quien es Nicolette Mason,
aparte de ser super linda y divina ella es una bloguera y columnista de Marie Claire’s “Big Girl in Skinny World.” Mejor manera de conocerla? Impossible! El segmento se trataba de desmentir todas esos mitos de lo que se pueden y no se pueden poner las chicas con curvas. Por cierto un saludo a las chicas que nos ayudaron. Aca abajo estan las fotos y el link del segmento. Como si el dia no pudiese haber sido mejor, mi hermana Tatiana me sorprendio con tickets de piso al concierto de Jennifer Lopez y Enrique Iglesias!

Funny thing about this outfit, I was planning to wear it on my way there. Ha! great minds do think alike. From head to toe.
shoes I wore form H&M. Adore!
Great styling crew! Sierra, Nicolette, and Kimberly. Lovely ladiesWonderful people I met!
Hey Michelle! <3
Nicolette and me! Ahhh!
And now bad phone pics of the concert hahaha……Did I mention I love him! hahaha
Never been to a J.Lo concert and it had all I expected. Hot people, dancing and a lot of booty shaking.ย Wisin y Yandel surprised us at the end of the concert!
Heres the link. Let me know what you think!