Jessica Torres


I told y’all i’d be back! You guys have no idea how much I miss blogging. Looking back on all the wasted time makes me want to build a time machine and slap myself in the back of the neck. But I’m glad I have had time off from the blog to analyze and see what I want to do. I am so grateful for my internship. It definitely has helped me grow personally, professionally and in my approach towards fashion. Work, school, and the internship have not been easy to manage but I know I can! Cant wait to be completely back and tell you guys all about it. Thats right I’m going give you all the 411! In the mean time I just wanted to share some pics that I have posted on Instagram (Which I am obsessed with!) Now off I go to play with myself, just kidding! Or am I?

In love with this lovely case for my iPhone. To bad I broke it that same┬áday…

I have met so many wonderful people at Marie Claire. I might cry on my last day. I said “might”!

If you really know me you know me, you know how terrified I am of heights. Had to zoom the shit out of my phone for this picture. NO WAY IM GETTING NEAR THAT WINDOW!

Obsessed with these two nail colors.

Ever since I was a little girl my parents would take my sisters and I to this Puerto Rican food restaurant better known as “Cuchifrito.” They have the best coconut juice evahh!

On a random night my bff, Marilyn met up half way (she lives four blocks away from me) and went on a  random walk by out hood

So I am so obsessed with this little band. Seriously youtube this shit!

One of my first Instagram pics.

My self-assigned design for Marc Jacobs.

My friend read the tarot to me! So much fun whether you believe or not!

Hope you guys enjoyed these few pics! Theres more where those came from. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @tinyredshoes or just click here and here