Jessica Torres



Guess whose been featured on Skorch Magazine? Me, thats who! I was recently reached out by Honorine Curves  about featuring me along with some other very fabulous and inspiring women on her column #honormycurves. I immediately said yes, quicker then a plus size blogger eating a glazed donut. What can I say I love glazed donuts?! But back to the feature. For those of you who may not know  #honormycurves is all about self acceptance and loving who you are. She constantly post about a mental barrier she has overcome. I too have overcame many barriers that to many could seem insignificant like showing my arms in an outfit or simply getting dolled up. I was so honored to have been chosen. So here it is, hope you guys enjoy my piece.

Much love!

By the way this week is Full Figured Fashion Week. Today has been my first event and I had so much fun! Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all @tinyredshoes for all the fun updates and to see what I do!


Chiquillos estoy orgasmiada de felicidad! He sido escogida para salir en la revista Skorch Magazine! Hace unos meses encontre un movimiento de autoestima en Instagram que me había conmovido y la de cual quise ser parte. Despues de participar al escribir como “honoro mis curvas” la divina Honorine Curves me contacto para estar en su columna #honorycurves en la cual ella habla sobre mujeres que han decido aceptarse así mismas tal y como somos. Ha sido una gran manera de hacerme sentirme mas segura de quien soy y quererme mas. Acuerden chicas y chicos que si nosotros mismos no nos podemos aceptar y querernos a nosotros mismos, como podemos esperar que otros lo hagan?

Gracias por su amor y apoyo!

Casi se me olvida decirles que hoy ha empezado Full Figured Fashion Week que es Fashion week para tallas grandes! Hoy fue mi primer evento y me he divertido muchísimo. Sigan me en Instagram, Facebook y Twitter todo bajo el nombre@tinyredshoes para que vean en que locuras me he metido.

  • Congrats Jessica! That is such an awesome feature. I wish you the best in your blogging career!

    June 18, 2013