Jessica Torres

A Chupar en Vilcabamba!

Me fui de chupe! In other words I went out drinking. No, don’t worry I didn’t get into a shady bar and got drunk senseless but I went wine tasting.  Close enough! Back in 2011, when I was only 11 years old my mom and her sister went wine tasting at “Vinos y Licores Vilcabamba” for my little brothers baptism. My mom and my aunt migrated to the USA together and went through many experiences that strengthen their bond. I remember being told to wait outside with my little sister because the grown ups were busy. After what seemed like days my mom and aunt walked out laughing and giggling like teenage girls. Their cheeks reflected red roses and they had mist on their foreheads. Something told me they had tasted too much wine. It was very nice to see them walkout with their arms hooked onto each other and giggling like teenage girls. I always wanted to go wine tasting there but when I lived in Ecuador the location had been closed down.

For those of you who might not know much about Vilcabamba, not that I know enough to school you, it is a small town valley known as the Valley of the Longevity (El Valle de la Longevidad) since their people tend to live over 100 years.  This time going into “Vinos y Licores Vilcabamba” was in my to-do list while in Ecuador. I tasted a variety of wines and liquors that had me all ‘happy.’ Here are a few shots I took while in Vilcabamba. Hope you guys enjoy. I’d love to hear one of your childhood memories of your loved ones.  By the way my favorite was the blackberry wine (Vino de Mora), and the passion fruit liquor (Licor de Maracuya)


My mom and all her 5 siblings were baptized in this cute little church in the center of Vilcabamba.


What Im Wearing:
Shorts: Forever21
Bag: H&m
Sunglasses: Raybans