Jessica Torres

Ecuador: La Costa

Hi guys! So sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. They say its better to ask for forgiveness then for permission, no? The truth is that I went to Ecuador for 3 weeks and I had a blast. For those of you who might not know I am Ecuadorian and I went to visit my family. I am from a city called Loja but before going to Loja, my family and I did a little tour through the coast of Ecuador. I am a bit of a planner. I planned the tour a certain way but it totally went the opposite way of how I mentally organized the trip, maybe that’s the problem I should have told my family how I wanted it to go. My fault! Any who, no more blabbing. Here are a few pics I took when going through the coast of Ecuador. Hope you guys enjoy it. By the way I do have a few more post from trip so don’t forget to come back and see if I updated my blog, or just subscribe! Our journey began in Guayaquil where we arrived and immediately headed towards Puerto Lopez a small beach town. On out way there we made a lot of pit stops. This picture below is of one of out stops. Believe it or not I took this picture when the car was going 60 mph or something like that. Not bad, huh? This little “hotel” was our home for only a night in Puerto Lopez. I spent my night drinking beer and dancing in a bar in the beach. It was a lot of fun.

The picture below is of a plate called “Tigrillo” which is a specialty of the this area in Ecuador. Its essentially smashed plantains cooked in a specific way and then served with cheese. So good! This cute little couple lives in Puerto Lopez and sell little bracelets and necklaces and other artifacts that you can have custom made for you and have them write whatever you like. Just like I did in the necklace below. After spending 2 days in Puerto Lopez we headed towards Montañita which is another party beach town, they have a hardcore party vibe. We only spent half of the day there unfortunately, but we did a lot.  My sisters and some relatives left Puerto Lopez wanting to go whale watching. When we got to Montañita my sister found these group of guys who are in charge of the parasailing in the beach and convinced them to take us whale watching. We were on the little boat that you see on top. Thinking back it was not safe at all what we did. We had no life lifesavers or any sort of protection. We were to excited to think. At one point we got too close to the whales.  This is the only shot I got from the whales. :/ Once we came back they already had a line of people waiting to go parasailing. It was fun to watch. Im terrified of heights so thats as close as ill get to that. At night we went walking into the town where people were already partying and having fun.  We met these guys that are from the Ecuadorian amazon and sell jewelry made by seeds and other items found in the amazon.Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Trust me they get better!