Jessica Torres

Oh My Goth

Hi guys! I just wanted to share an outfit I wore to a lunch date with one of my, if not my only Ecuadorian friend, Jessica. As you can see I am going through a Goth moment, which reminded me of high school. On my senior year in high school I wanted to be Goth. I would wear black eyeliner and black tees with black ‘konberse’, a rip off of converse, my mom never liked buying us real name brand clothing or shoes. I would also flat iron my hair so straight I could cut tamale in half. Looked pretty emo actually. She thought it would spoil us. Lol! You gotta love Latina mother raising methods. Till next time loves! I think I kinda got the hang of a goth chic look, no?


Hola chicos! Les quería compartir este look que tenia hace unos días al salir almorzar con mi querida amiga Jessica. Este look me acordó del colegio. Quería ser goth. En fin no me fue tan bien porque lucia tipo emo. Les gusta el goth-chic look?

Say hi to Jess! Sexy betch! #EcuadoriansRockingIt

What Im Wearing:

Dress: Asos Curve Military Dress

Purse/Jacket: H&M Curve

Sunnies: Ray Bans

Lippy: Mac “Media”