Jessica Torres

Wanna See My Tum-Tum ?

Today for the first time ever in the history of my life, I wore an outfit that revealed mid-tummy. I remember thinking that because my tummy wasn’t as flat as other girls, I’d never be able to wear something like that. I’m not gonna lie I¬†was very nervous walking outside and riding the MTA with my tum-tum for all to see. After a while I realized that no one actually gave a fuck. So I remembered not to judge myself through other peoples eyes. What do you guys think of my outfit. Would you dare to wear? What I’m wearing Dress/Earrings: Fashion To Figure Shoes: Forever21 Sunnies: RayBan

  • Usually people are so busy with their own shit they won’t give a monkeys about what you are wearing. It’s our own insecurity bringing us down.
    The other day I was wearing a gorgeous dress I didnt feel particularly confident in cos I thought it made me look like a hippo. Noticed this guy turning round and thought ‘oh there you go bet he’s thinking I look a hot mess’ only fir him to take a double glance, say I’m pretty, wink and cintinue doung hus own thing.
    People don’t always judge, sometimes they admire.

    June 21, 2014