Jessica Torres


    I have never really thought of myself as a sexy woman. I’ve always been the funny one. The “cute” one if I had my makeup face one, but never sexy. I think I grew thinking that only a slim body with curves in a socially acceptable  parts of your body are sexy. But I have realized that it truly is a state of my mind. The first time I wore this thigh split black dress are dolls kindly sent me I started to question if I was sexy enough to pull it off. But the day I actually wore the dress I woke up feeling daring and sexy.  I wore it and may is say I slayed. Thats what the kids say right?

Nunca me he considerado una mujer sexy. Desde pequeña siempre he sido la chistosa o adorable, pero nunca sexy. El día que la compañía Rebdolls me mando este vestido me lo puse y no creí ser lo suficientemente sexy para lucir este vestido. Pero el día en el que decidí ponérmelo para lucirlo para ustedes me desperté sintiendo me sexy y atrevida. Así me he dado cuenta que ser sexy es en realidad la manera en la cual te sientes es mental no debes pensar que ora ser sexy debes verte como las mujeres en la prensa las perciben como sexy. Todas podemos ser sexy. 

  Wearing this beautiful “she’s like the wind” Rebdolls dress 

  • Head to toe, love this look! Your lipstick is on point too! Where is it from?

    September 12, 2015
  • Bean


    I agree, everything here is fantastic! The dress length even looks like it was tailored to your height.

    July 19, 2016