Jessica Torres

11 makeup products that will make you shine bright like a diamond



Ever since L.A. Splash cosmetics sent me over their crystallized glitter I have been walking around looking like a disco ball. And quite honestly I have never felt more like myself.

I have been looking for everything and anything that will help me keep my new found glitter obsession up and going. So far these are the items I have in my shopping cart.

Metallic liquid eyeliner by Maybelline, $7.99

metallic liquid eyeliner maybelline



Chunky glitter by Karizma,  $8.90 

karizma chunky glitter

Photo: Amazon/KarizmaChunkyGlitter


Unicorn lipstick by Too Faced 

too faced unicorn tears

PHOTO: Instagram/ChloeMorello


Crystallized glitter by L.A. Splash Cosmetics, $14

la splash cosmetics


Unicorn essence by Farsali Care, $49.90

unircorn essence farsali

PHOTO: Instagram/FarsaliCare

Body glitter gel by Unicorn Snot, $10




Diamond shape brush by Lospu HY set $10,

glitter brushes

PHOTO: Amazon/Lospu HL

Pressed glitter by Beauty Glaze, $5.88

pressed glitter eyeshadow

PHOTO: Glazed

Glitter mascara, by Sugar Cosmetics, $4

glitter mascara

PHOTO: Amazon/ sugar cosmetics


Holo press-on nail, by Ejiubas, $8.99

holo nails

PHOTO: Amazon/Ejiubas


Razor metallic eyeliner by Urban Decay, $25.94

razor eyeliner


  • Love the way you’re always so open to new things. Those shades are fantastic.

    Mary Ni

    November 25, 2017