Jessica Torres

This new plus-size brand created the best bodysuit for women with big bellies and it changed my life


I love the change that the body positive movement has caused in the fashion industry. The brands that once ignored our needs are now expanding their sizes to serve us.

As a fashion and beauty producer I often try so many brands that claim to serve us, but on most occasions, all they have done is expand the fabric and forget that our bodies are not all shaped the same. Making it hard for plus-size bodies that are not hourglass shaped find clothes that fit right. 

One of the biggest trends in the past year has been bodysuits. Though they can be a nightmare for every woman of every size to put on and take off while in the bathroom, they seem to be almost impossible to wear for fat women. Plus-size women like me who carry their weight on their belly can have a harder time wearing them.

That has caused me to completely avoid wearing bodysuits. 

Enter Premme, and their game-changing bodysuit, the Alexa Bodysuit ($55) 


When Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason announced that they would be designing a plus-size clothing brand I knew they weren’t playing games. I automatically expected chic and well fitting clothes.

I was sent a few items to try-on and honestly, my fashion life has changed. I tried the bodysuit and was perplexed at how easy it was for me to put it on, even with my big belly.


The Alexa bodysuit I own is a size 3. Based on Premme’s size chart it is equivalent to a size 3X.

When I first tried the bodysuit it felt like it was custom made for my body. There was enough space for my belly to live in it without feeling restricted on the band in between my legs.


After wearing it on multiple occasions I began to notice that it was slightly too big. I would consider sizing down.

I personally felt shocked to have the option of sizing up and down in a bodysuit. On most occasions, I always have to wear the biggest size which happens to be a 3X on most brands.


So while mainstream media catches up and creates a genuine solution and gives us the proper place we deserve in the industry, I recommend in investing your money in brands that truly know how to cater to your body.

Photos by: Monica Rose @mkrshoots (Instagram)