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I tried Modcloths plus-size clothes for a week -here’s everything you should know

Remembering that only 5 years ago plus-size women had about 2 options to shop from makes me shudder. Thankfully many brands are now expanding their options and some cater specifically to plus-size women.

Plus-size women never really had the option to experiment with fashion. We had to wear what was available. Therefore not many of us know what are style really is.

That’s why I decided to be everyone’s fat Barbie and play dress up for you. I will be trying out various brands for a week and see how they stand in style, price, and versatility.

The week I decided to try on Modcloth for a week.


Modcloth is an online brand that caters to women from a size XXS – 4X. They don’t really have Forever21 prices nor do they have Forever 21 quality.    

Day 1.


For day one I decided to go with the most Modcloth-esq dress I could find. A floral print wrap-dress is as true to their brand as it goes. I quickly worried that the dress would make me overheat in the 90-degree weather plus humidity we have had to deal with in NYC.

I was completely wrong. The woven material of the dress felt so light. The few gushes of wind we got would run right through it making me feel refreshed.

I tried on the 4X and noticed how slightly roomy it felt around the belly area. I managed to “fix” the problem by tightening the belt that it came with. Aside from that the dress fits perfectly on my arms and neckline.


To style the dress – I went for trendy tiny white sunglasses and matching white slides. Though I would normally not pick up the bag while shopping I knew I had to give it a try. It was very feminine and whimsical, it just felt right for the dress.

Flaunting Florals Surplice midi dress ($65, Modcloth); Buzzing About Blossoms by Betsey Johnson ($45, Modcloth); White Cat Eye sunglasses ($11, ASOS); Sila slide by Christian Siriano ($10, Payless)

Day 2.


My biggest concern while wearing ModCloth for a week was looking like a repressed housewife from the 50’s. I didn’t want to seem like I was wearing a costume. That’s how I thought I would feel with the striped wrap dress. I decided to wear it at the beginning of the week to “get it over with.”

My opinion changed almost immediately after trying it on the dress in a 3X. I felt glamorous and sophisticated. I loved how comfortable I felt. The pleats on the dress gave me all the drama I could need.


To style the dress I played along with the colors of the dress. I wore yellow bright thick heels, a green whimsical zebra bag, and chic pink sunglasses.

This dress had turned into my favorite look I have ever tried on.

Knowingly Chic Wrap dress ($99, Modcloth); Sahara Character crossbody bag by Compania Fantastica ($39, Modcloth); Genna Yello Block heels by Raid ( $40, ASOS)

Day 3


For the third day, I went for a classic red dress trying to channel my inner Rita Moreno. The silky 4X red dress fit slightly big but tightening the straps made it feel like a glove.


To match the dress I decided to style it with a red clutch and white sneakers to give it some edge and avoid it from looking too cutesy. I immediately fell in love with the dress and accessories but questioned if I would ever want to pay $90 for a dress. It felt worth it. I know this dress won’t fall apart after a wash and that I would be able to wear it over and over again.

Glamorous Guest dress ($89, Modcloth); Heart It All Before clutch ($20, Modcloth); Emilee Lace Up Canvas sneakers ($9, Target)



When I first saw this dress I figured it’d be one of my favorites once it was on. I was wrong. The dress felt flat for me and didn’t make me feel as classy or dramatic as the other looks. The dress felt like it belonged in the beach and now in the streets of NYC. I wouldn’t pay almost $100 for it.

The neckline was my favorite part but the accessories stole the show for me.

Known to Flow Maxi dress ($99, Modcloth); Spark Spontaneously straw bag by Urban Expressions inc ($30, ModCloth); Closest Fringe slide sandal by BC Footwear ($65, Modcloth)

Day 5


I couldn’t end the week without wearing a classic vintage bottom. When I pulled out the pants from the packaging I thought it wouldn’t fit, even at a 4X. Once I put them on they fit like a glove.

I styled it with a classic slogan tee and round clutch. I loved the look and felt cute AF. The tee is definitely longer than I expected so I had to tuck it in. I added the red gingham slides for a fun contrast with the tee and pants.

Jive Got a Feeling pants by Hell Bunny ($59, Modcloth); Full Fortitude graphic tee ($30, Modcloth); Impactful Addition clutch ($40, Modcloth)

Overall review:

I didn’t expect to like the Modcloth dresses as much as I do. I figured I would walk out feeling like I was dressing like someone else. For most of the items I went for a 4X and they fit perfect. But, I am glad I did. I discovered a fashion side of myself I didn’t know was there.

However, their prices were the biggest obstacle I had to overcome from this entire experience. I constantly have to remind myself that wearing an outfit that cost more than $20 means I will be able to use it for a longer time. My body is worth buying a $100 dress especially if it makes me feel as good as I looked.

  • I really love the way the clothes look on you! I especially love the striped dress! I think you inspired me to try their clothes!

    November 20, 2018
  • I just discovered your blog. I love your styles and this new (at least for me) store.

    February 9, 2019
  • kim Page


    Loved all the dresses you wore from their line!
    I think its definitely worth the investment.

    February 24, 2019
  • Jasmine


    Hey, just as a heads up theres a site using pictures from your review of Kim K’s gaffer tape for boob lift. It’s called fitchoice. And it’s in their bra tape section.
    Besides that thank you so much for trying on modcloths clothes! I’ve been looking at them and was super unsure.

    May 21, 2019