Jessica Torres

Missing the summer? Wear your sandals in the winter, duh!

Whew what a fucking year, amirite? 

2020 has made me more aware of my finances. It’s made me analyze where and how I am spending my money. Surprise! It all goes to clothes. I decided to shop smarter and more ethically but as a fat fashion creator, this has proven to be extremely hard. It isn’t always that easy when you’re plus-size. Our options are limited or sometimes unaffordable. Is that a word?

That means I have to wear my clothes frequently, but there’s a problem.

I don’t like it when people notice that I’ve been wearing the same clothes or shoes more than once, even if it’s sporadic throughout months. (Talk about poor people trauma in a consumerism world, right?).

I’m challenging my styling abilities and making sure I make the most out of my clothes all year long. Wearing “summer” clothes in the winter can hopefully prevent more shopping. Aside from wearing slip dresses with turtlenecks, I wanted to try something else. This year I decided to wear Teva’s with socks during the winter. 

Sorry if this offends you – but it’s not illegal. I added some soft and warm socks to my Tevas and bam. I am now a fashion icon. 

Here are 3 different ways I wore my Teva’s this winter. Which look offends you the most?

Midform Universal in Metallic Champagne ($60, Tevas)

There is something about Tevas with socks and jeans that screams gay, and well, I like it. 

Shearling Roll-back Bucket Hat in green ($26, ASOS); Curve Four Pocket Slouchy Linen Parka ($51, ASOS); High Neck Sweater in chenille by Wednesday’s Girl Curve ($29, ASOS); Super Ruched Shoulder Bag in green ($22, ASOS);Curve High Rise ‘Slouchy’ Mom Jeans in washed black ($51, ASOS)

The comfort of my soft Tevas inspired this look. I feel polished, put together, and I look cool. 

Plus Chocolate Brown Butterfly Embroidered Sweater ($21, Pretty Little Thing) Plus Chocolate Brown Butterfly Embroidered Joggers ($21, Pretty Little Thing) Beige Faux Fur Bucket hat ($10, Pretty Little Thing) Chunk Frame Bevel Sunglasses ($23, ASOS)

This look was my hard attempt to look Parisian. Did I do it right?

Large Plain Headscarf in beige polysatin ($19, ASOS); Oversized Belted Denim Shirt Dress ($60, ASOS)

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