3 days in heaven




I told you I wouldn’t be far for too long!

For those of you who have been following me on my Instagram, you might have already seen some pictures from my little getaway to Cape Cod.

So, Catherine’s kidnapped me, Alexandria and Loey for three days and two nights. It had been quite a while since my last vacay.  This was much needed.


On my first day, Kellie Brown gave me a tour of the place and fed me until I couldn’t have another bite.


Just looking at this picture makes me hungry. Feed me, Kellie Brown, feed me!


This window entry was probably one of my favorite places to chill at. We took turns sitting there. #ComfyAF


Our view was much more than I could have ever asked for. It was my first time ever at Cape Cod.

I did not waste time and I put my bathing suit on. Normally, this isn’t a swimsuit I would wear but I am so glad I did. I was feeling adventurous when I picked it out.


Look at all those pretty colors! I am actually truly obsessed with this bathing suit.


I had never felt so comfortable in a swimsuit in my life. The first time I wore a swimsuit I decided to go for a two-piece. This time, my swimsuit had color in it! It’s all about the baby steps you can take to make yourself much bolder and confident every day.

I wore the swimsuit until it was time to go to bed. Yup, I was that comfortable in it.

Day 2

After a quick first day, I was more than excited to see what they had planned out for us. Did I mention all activities planned for us were a secret?!

After a quick breakfast, we went on a sand dune tour. JESSICATWO_4

And of course, we stopped to take some pictures of my dress! This was probably my favorite look of all.




Alex, Loey and I spent the tour laughing and taking pictures. To be honest, I did not hear half of what the tour guide was telling us. I was just there to relax and play in the sand. Like the 5-year-old that I am.



After jumping around like a crazy maniac in the sand with Alex, we went to the center of the city and grabbed some food. Oh yeah, and some yummy ice cream!


Once we got home we pretty much ran to our rooms and put our swimsuits on. Like they say in spanish “en el mar la vida es mas sabrosa!”

This was our last full day here. We were surprised with a sailing trip!


We were all pretty tired from the full day. The sailing trip was a perfect touch to sooth us down.


I will say that I am a boss ass bitch. I volunteered to take pictures at the edge of the boat.  Did I mention that I can’t swim? LOL


It was oooooh sooooo worth it. I look hella good in this shot.

Day 3:

On the last day of the best getaway ever, we just chilled by the porch, and took in the wonderful view.

Thank you guys for reading. Let me know which look was your favorite?


Everything I wore here.

Alex wardrobe here.

Loey’s looks here:


All photos were taking by the amazing Lydia Hudgens! Check her work out here.




Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Catherines. All opinions and thoughts are mines. 


So much has happened…

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 12.34.43 AM
Photo: Instagram/HeyRevelist

So many things have happened! I needed to update you guys on everything and what’s next. Are you ready? Here we go…

First of all I missed you all so much. As mentioned before, I now work for Revelist.com!

Working at Revelist has been such an amazing experience. I managed to land my dream job as a fashion and body positive reporter.You have probably seen my work online like this video:

or this, this and that one:


Us after every meal 😂 #lifehacks #foodbaby #bodypositive

A video posted by Revelist (@heyrevelist) on


As a creative person there could be no better outlet then making videos. The best part? The feedback has been amazing.

Many of you must have seen Dove’s latest campaign #MyBeautyMySay. And yes, that’s me in the campaign!

Dove hit me up months ago and asked me to be part of their campaign. I jumped on the opportunity. They came over to my house to film. My family was as ecstatic about it as I was.

If you have not seen the campaign check it out here and my personal clip here:

I hope I’m not missing anything. I will be making a video to talk about my Dove campaign on my Youtube channel. Also, stay tuned to see more of my videos for Revelist.com and make sure to like our Facebook page here.

There is so much more to come and I can not wait to share it with you all.

You might see me in a magazine next month.

*Wink wink*

On an all red mood


Hi guys! Its been a while. If you haven’t been following me on Instagram then you might not know why I haven’t been blogging lately. I started a super cool gig as the fashion and body positivity reporter. The site is called Revelist. Its been such a great learning experinece for me. I work with extremely smart and powerful women that push me to be the best that I can. I’ve been working hard and have been doing my best to do the curve community proud. Since I’ve been working so hard I decided it was time for me to play hard, or at least try.

To get my mind of some stress and because it was much needed, I went shopping. I met up with my dear friend Liesl Binx. I had such a great time. I cant wait to go shopping out again. It had been a while and I forgot how fun that can be. Uh-oh I smell a bad habit coming back.


Si no me han seguido en mis otras redes sociales, tal ves no saben la razón por la cual no he ‘blogueado.’ Recientemente consegui un trabajo como reportera de moda y de positividad de nuestros cuerpos. El trabajo ha sido una experiencia de aprendizaje fenomenal. Trabajo con un grupo de mujeres que me empujan a ser la mejor persona que pueda ser.

Como he estado trabajando duro decidi darme el gusto de ir de compras con mi querida amiga Liesl Binx. Ya ni recordaba cuando fue la ultima vez que sali de compras y me diverti mucho. Ya quiero ir de compras otra ves!



Im stunntin’ in:

Coat: Asos Curve (old)

Sweater: Forever21 (Old)

Jeans: Fashion to Figure

Booties: Nine West

Bag: Zara

Snapback: Street vendor

Scarf: Laila Rowe