Jessica Torres

I'll be back, I always come back!

 Hi guys! As you might have noticed I have not been posting a lot lately and it is not because I don’t want to  but because my new schedule does not allow me to. After participating in Nicolette Mason’s segment for Marie Claire I sneaked my way into an internship there. All I can say is that it has been such an experience and I’m starting to love it. Since i’m “great” at multitasking I decided to top off with another and final semester in college and a part-time job. This takes seven days of the week therefore my postings have been lacking. Since I felt a little uneasy and wasn’t sure where the blog was going this time apart from the blog has helped me analyze where I want it to go, and boy will it be going places! So sorry guys for not posting as much as I would love to. I might not be able to post until Im done with the semester but I will try to push in a post or two until the semester is over. Thank you all for the support and love I have received from all of you. I love and adore you all!

Till next time Honey Boo Boo

Hola chicos! Como pueden ver no he subido “outfits.” No es porque no quiera pero porque no he tenido mucho tiempo. Desde que modele para Marie Claire en el segmento de Nicolette Mason logre conseguir una pasantía en la revista. Lo que les puedo decir es que hasta ahora ha sido una gran experiencia, en todo sentido de la palabra. Como si no fuera poco todavía estoy en mi ultimo semestre en la universidad y trabajo part-time. Así que les pido que por favor me tengan un poquito de paciencia que pronto regresare con mas post. Tratare de subir por lo menos un par de post hasta que termine el semestre, y les aseguro que lo que tengo planeado será mejor que nunca! Gracias por su apoyo! Los quiero, los amos.

Hasta la próxima!

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