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I Don't Always Intern…

But when I do it changes my life. I have to be honest. I have delayed posting about my time with Marie Claire. Maybe its realizing that its actually over. Since I promised and have gotten feedback from you guys wanting to hear about it here it goes…

            It all began a beautiful summer day. I was killing time and just going through my twitter account and I saw Nicolette Mason’s tweet where she was looking for inexperienced plus size models for a live TV segment for Marie Claire’s “Big Girl in a Skinny World” column which she writes for. I told my sister I would send it as a joke but she actually insisted that I should send it, I did. A few days went by and I heard back form them. I couldn’t believe I was chosen, (more about it here.)

            I mentioned that I was very interested in interning for the magazine and Nicolette and Kimberly, an intern for the magazine at the time, were kind enough to guide me through the process. Now here is when the fun starts. I send them my information and waited for a reply. I heard back from them a few days later and got an interview. This day would have made great reality TV. Even though I left super early to be there on time, I got lost, tripped and failed to bring my resume (That was my biggest regret ever! What was I thinking?!) I made it minutes before my interview was scheduled. I walked towards the front desk and lady that got off the train with me cut me off and said she was there for her first day for Marie Claire. I went from annoyed of getting cut-off to complete excitement; I took that as a sign. As I waited one of the security guards kept asking me about hair products and he constantly kept saying: “Man, I wish I had hair like yours.” I stroked my hair as I waited to be called up. The interview went by really fast, no longer than 10 minutes. I took that as a bad sign. They told me they would contact me in a week.

When I started interning at Marie Claire I was so overwhelmed I went home and cried. I felt so out of place and overwhelmed with the assignments and people I would now have to deal with for the next four  months or so. But I knew that this was something I would have to do. It wasn’t easy at first. When I had to go on runs and even though I was probably the only New Yorker there I was the only one who didn’t know how to get around the city. Till this day I have been titled (or self titled ) As “The Worst New Yorker Ever.” Thank The Lord for HopStop or getting around the corner would have lasted me a day or so. But as the days went by I got the hang  of things and with few to no mistakes I could have done it with my eyes closed, except getting around New York that is. It didn’t happen overnight but I went up the intern ladder. I went from fashion closet intern to fashion assistant intern; I was Nina Garcia’s intern, though everything was done through her assistant. I got to do some really fun stuff and stay late working on not so much fun stuff. And I loved every second of it.  When your passionate about the things you do it really doesn’t matter how long or how hard you have to work. In my case I was motivated knowing that one day I was going to be as successful as the people I was surrounded by.

You really have to keep yourself together and not be overwhelmed with the tasks you’re asked to do. Many times I found I would be more intimidated by who assigned me the task than by the actual assignment. Just keep in mind that there is no assignment to good for you to do and no assignment to low for you to do.

Like every good thing comes to an end, so did this amazing experience. I had to leave a little earlier than expected since this was my last semester in college I had to focus on finals and in graduating. My supervisors were really kind and understood which made it even harder to say goodbye. On my last day two of my very close intern-friends came up to me and told me that one of my supervisors was looking for me. I was so nervous thinking I did something wrong. To my surprise I saw all of the interns and supervisor in the conference room with cupcakes and a nice gift as a goodbye. I quickly broke out into tears faster than Jay Z spitting a rhyme. It was so sad to say goodbye to them. The things I learned there I could not have learned from interning at the school newspaper or school TV show. I am completely grateful of my experience.

       Like I mentioned before I was one of the few New Yorkers. Girls and guys from Ohio, Indiana, Utah, Chicago, Boston, Florida, LA and even Panama interned there. I will truly miss them all. These people are one of the reason interning for Marie Claire was an unforgettable experience. I think I made a connection with each and one of them that will last a pretty long time.

      I want to thank Jessica R for giving me this opportunity and being sweeter than honey to me and everyone else. Nicolette Mason for introducing me to the possibility of interning. If it weren’t for Nicolette I would have not even thought of interning. I seriously thought I wasn’t good enough to get hired as one. Thank you so much. Jenna B for teaching me so much.  I have learned things about the industry and in life in general both good and bad that I will carry on from now on. Thank you all so much for the opportunity and the many many memories.

            If I could go back in time and give myself advice before I started and anyone who plans on interning is : trust your instincts!  Don’t be scared you are there to learn.

Interning for Marie Claire has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

 Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Where have you interned or where would you like to intern at?

All it takes is one Bronx girl!BX representin’

Les voy hacer honesta, he tratado de atrasar este post sobre la pasantía. Creo que hablar de Marie Claire es tener que aceptar que ya se acabo. Pero bueno se que muchas de ustedes han querido saber sobre mi experiencia. La verdad es que no tenia pensado hacer una pasantía para mi carrera. Como estudiante de periodismo era un requisito hacer una pasantía, y la verdad trate de evitarlo porque tenia miedo el no ser aceptada. Gracias a dios por Nicolette Mason. Se que sueno obsesionada con esta mujer pero la verdad es que es gracias a ella que logre tener esta pasantía.

            Ella “tweetio” que buscaban ‘modelos’ plus-size para un segmento de “Big Girl In a Skinny World” para “New York Live” un show de la cadena NBC. Le conté a mi hermana y ella me animo a mandar mis fotos para participar, lo mande pensando que no me llamarían y para mi sorpresa me eligieron, aquí hablo de la experiencia. Cuando estuve ahí le dije a Nicolette que me gustaría hacer una pasantía en Marie Claire. Ella gentilmente me dijo como hacerlo a quien mandar mi hoja de vida y otros documentos. Estuve súper emocionada.

            Nuevamente mande mi hoja de vida a Marie Claire pensando que no me elegirían. Para mi sorpresa me llamaron y tuve una entrevista con ellos. Me dijeron que en una semana me avisarían. La entrevista fue súper rápida. Pero antes de ella casi ni llego! Me perdí! Mire la dirección mal y buscaba por una dirección que no existía, me tropecé y casi no llego. Llegue justo a tiempo. Cuando caminaba hacia la mesa de seguridad una mujer se me puso al frente. Me enoje pero en cuanto escuche que llegaba para su primer día a Marie Claire lo tome como un señal de buena suerte.

            La entrevista fue súper rápida y me dijeron que me dejarían saber en una semana. Después de una semana eterna recibí un email donde me decían que me querían para la pasantía! Empecé inmediatamente y fue horrible. Después de mi primer día llegue a casa y llore. Me sentía fuera de lugar y tenia miedo. Paso el tiempo y me di cuenta que las cosas eran fáciles y que no era nada mas que mis nervios que me tenían asustada.

No paso del la noche al día pero me “ascendieron” de posición. Pase de ser una pasante en el closet de moda a pasante de una editora. Ahora hacia la pasantía bajo Nina Garcia. No trataba con ella pero era para ella mediante su asistente. Me encantaba lo que hacia.

Otra razón por la que me enamore de lo que hacia era por la compañía.. Conocí a chicos y chicas de diferentes partes de los Estados Unidos y del mundo que hacían una pasantía ahí. Legue tener una buena amistad con todos. Los extraño muchísimo! En fin un consejo que les daría si quieren hacer una pasantía es no tener miedo de equivocarte por que estas ahí para aprender y no creas que hay cosas muy insignificantes para que hagas ni cosas muy importantes. Ten confianza y disfruta.

  • Wao, that really DOES sound like an amazing experience. I’m so so happy for you!!! Also cool to see that someone from my country was an intern there (Panama). Congratulations on learning so much!

    December 31, 2012
  • Constanza


    Holaaa guapaa! no sabes cuánto esperé este post!! que lindo saber de esta experiencia inigualable que tantas deseamos tener! Sabes, en tí he econtrado a mi ” Nicolette Mason” 😉 porque busco y busco hace meses información de a quién enviar mi hoja de vida, etc. y nunca daba con la persona indicada. Si gustas podemos intercambiar e-mails para que me seas mi guía sería de grandísima ayuda!
    Feliz año nuevo! espero que venga colmado de nuevas experiencias y felicidad como el anterior!

    December 31, 2012