Jessica Torres

"Don't Let Me Get In My Zone"

I read that a post should always have a point or a main reason. I call bullshit. On that note heres what happened today…

Nothing like going to Red Mango to get me into my zone. Sadly when we got there it was closed. Why does this seem familiar? Try this post. And by “we” I mean one of my besties, Marilyn. I hadn’t seen her in months. Heres the kicker…we live four blocks away. Yup! We’re really great friends. We took a train ride for nothing but at least we got Pinkberry. Cheers for a post about nothing!

What I’m wearing:

Trench: Simplybe

Sweater: Michael Kors

Leggings: Macys

Shoes: Payless

Bag: H&M

Glasses: Chanel