Jessica Torres

All Hail the Double O!

Im always asked what I do to take care of my skin and hair and when I tell them they seem to want to hear a quick and easy fix. But, like everything in life there are small easy ways of achieving what you want. Enough bullshit heres one of my secrets to healthy skin and hair.
Skin: A lot of people think that I have great skin and the truth is, I don’t. I just know how to deal with it. My skin is normal-to-dry. Many of you might be asking what this means.? It just means that in certain areas of my face is ‘normal’ meaning not to dry or to oily and the other is just plain desert dry. Ever since I was little I had to deal with redness in my skin, especially on the sides of my cheeks. It gets better when I moisturize it and so thats what I do. I wear make-up almost every day and so I recompense by taking extra care of it. I moisturize all the time. Moisturizing helps with the elasticity of your skin preventing wrinkles. This is how I use olive oil on my skin…

  1. Just in case it wasn’t clear enough, I use it as moisturizer on occasions
  2. I clean of my makeup off with olive oil! Its great for when you run out of makeup cleanser or have to improvise due to a naked sleepover.

Hair: I have long natural pitch black hair. I have dyed it on occasions to cover my whites. Fun trivia about me: I have more grays than your grandma! Any who lets stay on topic. My hair is at the longest it has been since I was five, I think. It is naturally super straight so I like to “curl it” and on occasions use the flat iron it to give it volume,( its possible!) We all know how much damage all that heat can cause to your hair from discoloration to split-ends. One day my genius younger sister told me to put olive oil right after showering on my ends. My ends were super dry and brittle and it worked like magic! But the trick is to be stingy with the olive oil. Don’t over due it or your hair will get greasy. Start by applying on your tips and work your way up without touching your scalp. I have normal hair, again not to greasy or to dry and my sister has greasy hair so I think this can work on almost all type of hair.
Hope you guys learned something. Do you have a rare beauty tip? Let me know in the comments below I would love to know.

Love you!

  • You have a lovely blog! Vaseline is a god thing to use on the skin i think

    April 3, 2013
      • I put a little bit of it on my arms, and on my legs in the summer to get glowing skin.
        If you already have put moisturizer on and put vaseline over it, the vaseline helps the moisture stay in the skin.

        April 4, 2013
      • But not too much haha 🙂

        April 4, 2013