Jessica Torres

Be Your Own Valentine


Found this image on Instagram, forgot who owns it. Enjoy!

Many of us, and I am guessing especially those of us who are fashion lovers have a sentiment that is attached to our clothes, makeup products and everything else that we obsess with daily. This makes us who we are but we all know that all of this is just skin deep.  And on a day like this where we express our love by giving out gifts to those we love I want to remind you guys something super important. I just wanted to remind you that the first person and the most important person you should love, should be you!  We are all beautiful no matter what skin color, size, age, ethnic background, height, and even length of hair. Yes all of these absurd reasons I have heard people tell me are reason why they aren’t “beautiful.”

            On this special day I am going to ask myself to be my valentine! Though many might think that this is a last and very pathetic resort to not sound as lame in Valentines Day here it goes:

A person I know does not believe she is beautiful. I mean she knows she is pretty but she thinks it only comes when she’s all dolled up. (Sadly she is right! Just kidding. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t throw a couple knee-slappers in here. ) I try so hard to explain to her that her beauty is found not only defined by her pretty face but also by whom she is. She is such a compassionate and loving person full of beauty IN-and-OUT that overwhelms men all the time. In honor of her internal beauty and so she once for all realizes that her physical beauty is more than skin deep this post it to her, and to all those beautiful girls out there reading this post. Now you know what to do if you want to be beautiful…

Oh and Happy Valentines Day