Jessica Torres

Happy Vag day!

Today I got a text from my best friend saying, “Todays international women’s day, but I don’t feel like a women yet.” My response was “Don’t have too, its just if you have a vagina.” I have a quick response to everything but this had me questioning how do we honor this day? I lived in Ecuador for two years when I was a teenager and one of my favorite days was International Women Day. Morning classes would be canceled and they would celebrate us by reciting poems, songs and other things that would melt our overly sensitive hearts. Here in NY and due to our time all I’ve seen are pictures of flowers and bears.
So I came up with my own way of celebrating women’s day. Why don’t we celebrate by doing the things that we love the most, things that make our core shake of enthusiasm and just simply happy. Lets liberate our thoughts.  Read something that will make you smarter. Wear that dress you are so scared of wearing. Text or even better call that guy/girl you really like and ask him/her out. Don’t have a crush? Go flick your bean! Yes. Flick your bean, take a walk downtown whatever you want to call it but do it. Why you might ask? For some reason I have encountered so many women from different walks in life that don’t have a clue about what they have down there. I’m calling for awareness of who you are and what you have. Why not take daily inventory to make sure that its all good under the hood? And if you’re going to do it might as well have fun, no?
Listen, all I’m saying is be happy to be you. To quote one of my favorite songs “This is a Mans world,” but we are the ones that make it spin.  Let this day be a beginning to a more empowered you. Happy day dahling!