Jessica Torres

Ain't No Dress Like An eShakti Dress

Hey guys I’m so excited to finally post this outfit. As you can tell I love wearing dresses and there is nothing better than feeling good cause you look good, right?! Right! This beautiful and simple dress is from For those of you who don’t know about eShakti, it is a online  online store. At eShakti you can find dresses, tops, skirts and other clothing items for your everyday occasion to bridesmaid dresses. One of the game changing things about eShakti is that you can get it tailored to your own measurements. Yes! eShakti is your own personal tailor. Isn’t it annoying when you buy something online but something is a little off? Not only does eShakti let you have the clothing item in you’re measurements but you can change it up, you can make the sleeves longer or shorter, have a deep-v neck, whatever your heart desires. It feels like you are designing your own dress! Thats one of the things I love about, besides their vintage looking skirts and dresses is that for $7.50 you can have them make the item you want in you’re own measurements and other options. Who said you have to earn bank to look bank?!
Hola chiquillos! Estoy contenta de finalmente subir las fotos de este vestido super sencillo y divino. Gracias a que fueron tan lindos en mandarme este vestidito que yo misma casi diseñe. No lo diseñe pero así se siente. Por solo $7.50 puedes poner tus medidas para que te quede solo a ti y ademas puedes alterar el vestido haciendo mas largo o agregando mangas, lo que quieras! Ya he comprado unos cuantos vestidos y no puedo esperar ponerme el otro.

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  • Wow, the cut of the dress and the hairstyle are very flattering in this outfit!

    May 28, 2013
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