Jessica Torres

Thank you!


Happy birthday to! It has been a year since I started the blog. Like mentioned before it wasn’t easy for me to gain the courage and start the blog. I grew up feeling ugly because of my appearance, thinking that I could never be attractive because of my body type because like you I have been told that to be pretty one had to be thin, tall, blonde, and other characteristics that I don’t fall under. But, I can tell you this, starting Tiny Red Shoes has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I have been receiving comments from young girls of my age and younger whom have honored me by letting me know how I inspire them to feel good about themselves. It practically had me in tears! I wish that little girl from the Bronx that never felt pretty and would pray to God to make her attractive would have had someone to look up too.

       It has been an amazing year for me and its all thanks to you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May this first year be the first of many many many many many to come! Thank you for following my journey as I grow. Please don’t stop supporting the dream of this crazy gal!

Love you all!

Feliz cumpleaños para! Este mes de mayo se ha cumplido un año desde que empece el blog. Como les he contado antes no fue tan fácil para mi abrir el blog. Fueron 2 anos de preparación emocional y mental. Ha sido una de las mejores decisiones que tomado en mi vida. Hace unos días recibe unos mensajes de chicas que se han sentido inspiradas a quererse así mismas. Ya me tenían con lagrimas en los ojos estas niñas. Como me hubiese gustado que una niña del Bronx que lloraba y rezaba a Dios para que le hiciera el milagro de volverla atractiva hubiese tenido una chica que le enseñase a sentirse y darse cuenta de su belleza. Se que estoy haciendo algo bueno no solo por mi pero por aquellas niñas y niños que no se sienten tan bellos. Ojalá aprendan que la belleza física es lo menos importante. Yo no me sentí “bonita” hasta que decidí quererme y creer que era bonita.

     Ha sido un tremendo año para mi y les quiero agradecer a ustedes por hacerlo posible! Mil gracias los amo a todos y por favor no dejen de apoyar el sueño de esta chica loca!

Los amo!

This picture shows the flaws that I see in my face and I love it!

What Im Wearing:

Dress: Asos

Denim top: Marc Moto

Heels: Forever21

Flats: Payless Shoesource

Floral Crown: Handmade by my friend Wendy!

Aviators: Ray-ban

Special thanks to my family for always supporting me and my blog and to all of those who have served as my photographers Jason, Marilyn, Catherine, Tatiana, Wendy, Vladdy, and today my mom!

Thank you!/Gracias!

  • Congrats on your one year anniversary! I love the pictures and you look absolutely stunning. Amazing flower crown by the way 🙂

    May 31, 2013
  • Jessica, thanks for your blog (which I recently discovered through Pinterest). After reading this post I wanted to share a little about my wife’s journey with self-image. We met in 3rd grade I’ve seen her go through a lot of negative teasing and nastiness related to her size. It wasn’t until her mid 30’s that she started to believe that she might be pretty. Anyone blessed enough to be around her gets to experience the total package of inner and outer beauty!
    Thanks for sharing your style and enthusiasm!

    May 31, 2013