Jessica Torres

Straight Hair Don't Care

Hey loves! As you can see my hair is pretty straight.  This is actually the natural texture of my hair. I did not straighten or even flat iron it. I want to start embracing everything I once hated about myself, and believe it or not my hair was one of my biggest issues. My older sister had beautiful lush curls when she was little and I remember wanting to have her hair. On the other hand she always straighten her hair to have it… I guess like mines? How complicated are we?  So todays post is about my straight hair. Another insecurity of mines? Something I always dreaded was wearing tight pencil skirts. I bought this one two summers ago from Forever21 and I never wore. Today seemed perfect to wear it.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Now tell me, was there something you absolutely didn’t not like about yourself but have grown to love and appreciate? I wanna hear about it!


Hola chiquillos! Como pueden ver hoy tengo my pelo alisado, normalmente no me gusta lucirlo así ya que siempre quería tener rizos o churos como decimos en mi casa. Mi hermana mayor tuvo rizos hermosos y naturales los cual yo envidiaba y soñaba tener un día. Ella se lo alisaba para tenerlo como yo. Que difíciles somos? Hoy luso mi pelo natural y liso ya que quiero empezar a amar lo que antes no me gustaba de mi. Haz lo mismo y veras que serás mucho mas feliz que ayer. Otra temor? Faldas ajustadas! Les he tenido un terror pero siempre las he querido lucir. Hoy parecía ser un buen día para ponerlo. Les gusta?

Has odiado algo de ti misma que con el tiempo has aprendido a querer? Que era? Muero por saber!

What Im Wearing:

Top: N/A

Skirt: Forever21 (old)

Shoes: H&M

Clutch: H&m (old)

  • Sybarite


    Is there a model number or name for those shoes? I love them, but I didn’t see them on H&M’s site. (New reader, BTW!)

    August 4, 2013