Jessica Torres

Platinum Heeled Loafers

I think it was about a year ago that I went to H&M and saw a pair of platinum heeled loafers and fell in love! Apparently my pockets  had holes that day and I couldn’t buy them right there on the spot. I was currently interning, working and going to school. I had to wait for friday/payday and ran to buy those babies. I thank the lord was rewarding my patience, these were the last ones in my size. Funny thing is that I never wore them. I always thought I would get a specific skirt to wear it with, but after a year of waiting for that perfect outfit I decided to wear them for you guys. And to me this is the perfect outfit for these shoes. A very laid back look with a great pair of shoes. Don’t you think?

Till next time!

Hola! Creo que fue como hace un año que fui a H&M y vi estos hermoso zapatos y me enamore! Como decimos en mi querido pais “estaba media chira” osea sin dinero y no pude comprarlos imediatamente. Tuve que esperar hasta el viernes, dia de pago y para muchos dia de compras y pachanga! En fin nunca me los puse hasta hoy. Decidi usarlos con este vestuario super casual para hacerlos el centro de atencion. Les gusto?

Hasta la proxima!_DSC0590Best part of wearing them? They are super comfy! Don’t mind my face._DSC0525 _DSC0548 _DSC0570What im wearing:

Sweater: Forever21

Pants: Asos Curve

Bag/Shoes: H&M

Trench: Simply Be

Sunnies: Raybans