Jessica Torres


As a woman and Latina;┬ásociety, family, men, the media and so many other people have always told me that my hair is one of my best qualities as a woman. Ive always belived that my hair defined who I was. However as I grew up and realized I wasn’t the only one and that other young girls and women have all lived with stigmas around their hair. We tend to put so much pressure over women’s physical features that we make them feel like thats all they are. As I looked in the mirror the other day I felt lost and had a hard time finding myself, I realized I was hiding behind my hair. It clicked little by little as I kept mentioning to random people that I wanted to cut my hair and how much it meant to others and myself. I kept hearing that it was a bad idea and how important the value of my hair was. So I asked myself, Is my hair all I am? So I cut my hair in an impulse and felt so liberated. What do you guys think? Have you ever felt trapped or held down my someone on or even yourself?