Jessica Torres

Isabel Toledo X Lane Bryant

Hey guys! I just wanted to share my Isabel Toledo X Lane Bryant Fashion Show experience. When I received the invitation to the fashion show I was completely ecstatic. I was so excited that I would be able to be present at what I believe is a huge step-forward for plus size fashion. Its no secret that plus size fashion is over seen by many and not taking serious enough. Having such a great fashion show  like these is finally putting plus size fashion up where it belongs.
The show was absolutely amazing and the designs were mouth watering. Not only did the models make me want to have every item in the runway, I wanted to be them. They all looked absolutely gorgeous. I was a complete fangirl when I saw them. Its pretty cool to meet all these gorgeous models that I always stare at when shopping online.

Selfie with Precious Lee @precious_lee. Wish I could show you the other pics but they were just to blurry to upload 🙁

Yummy food we had at the celebratory dinner! SO GOOD!

Finally met Margie of
Heres is a quick little video of the runway show and of course what I wore. Wish I had better pictures but I was too busy stalking them all.
If you want to see more videos and what was going on during the show head over to my instagram @tinyredshoes
What Im Wearing:
Asos Curve: Jacket, dress
H&M: Shoes