Jessica Torres

What Does The Fox Say?

As I was going through my phone I found a little journal entry I wrote a few years ago and it made me chuckle. My friends and family know that I am naturally prone to embarrassing moments. I have stories to go for days and this journal entry is just one of them. So I decided to share it with you guys.
For most, High School was a very traumatic experience. A chubby Ecuadorian-American who didn’t fit into any click or group besides the Mexicans cause it’s “close enough,” didn’t have it easy either. I wasn’t bullied, nor was I popular. I was always just there. I was so awkward I didn’t fit in with the cool kids nor the geeks. I was in between, and being in such a gray area can leave to many embarrassing moments. Hence being embarrassed multiple times in front of your high school crush. My best friend Marilyn kept asking me who this guy was. I was always very hesitant to tell her since she knew him and knowing her; I knew she would try and “help.”. After I told her about my crush, Victor,  a white cute Dominican boy whose upper body tripled the size of his waist down. For better or for worse I told Marilyn. At this point Marilyn had not said a word but would intentionally scream out for him from across the hallway so that I could say hi to him. At one of these typical embarrassing occasions a sassy gay friend had found out about the situation and wanted to tell him.
Seconds later all I heard was him screaming out for Victor.
Marilyn and my other friend Estephany just smiled and giggled like two teenage girls, which we were. I just always thought I was a little more mature than my actual age.
My instinct was to run. I ran as fast as my beat up shoes would go. There I was running to the next hallway trying to get out of sight, while my back pack raised the back of my ill fitting top. With half of my jiggle out for the kids in my hallway to see, I decide to stop and turn back. As I was pulling my top down and turned to go back to my friends I met with the elbow of a tall black guy who was practicing imaginary slum dunks.
With a swollen eyebrow and hurt ego I decided to keep on with my day. These are just one of the many stories I have. Hope you enjoyed the story. Did this remind you of your high school days?
What Im Wearing:
Entire outfit Asos Curve.
Does this outfit not remind you of Callie’s?