Jessica Torres

BTS: Festival Lookbook

 I can finally share with you guys a wonderful project I have been working on with the fabulous Kelly.So one day I got a text from Kelly asking me if I wanted to be part of her lookbook. I was in shock, flattered, scared and excited. If you aren’t familiar with Kelly’s famous lookbooks make sure to go through them after this. They are always so fabulous. I immediately said yes, though I prayed every night to God I didn’t screw her lookbook up. LOL After a couple of weeks of planning I met up with her in Jersey and we shot it all in one beautiful warm day.

Let me know what you guys think of the lookbook. Also make sure to go to my YouTube channel here! You’ll see a fun little video I put together from my day with Kelly and Edek (Kellys boyfriend.)

This fun little shot of me on the grass didn’t make it but I love it.

For all the items we are wearing make sure to go to lookbook here!