Jessica Torres

A Summer In Black & White

One of my favorite times of the year to get dressed is summer. Though I may complain about sweating and chafing, getting dressed now can be super fun. Sometime its light flirty or strong and beautiful. The cool kids from IGIGI send a me a few items to wear and have fun throughout this summer. Heres how I wore it!
From 9 to 5

Hear them yell  “YASSS” as you walk into the office with a classic black and white outfit. Add a bright red lipstick to give a classic pop of color, and of course soft side parted waves can’t hurt anyone,right? I wore my Andrea pants with a sleeveless white button up. So fresh, so clean.

For City Days, For City Nights
Living in the city gives you the liberty to dress as dramatic as you want. Who cares about day or night ‘proper’ attire?! I love my Catalina Jumpsuit. Its honestly so light and quite forgiving in the perfect areas. Add spanxs for a clean and softer figure.

Beach Bum
Lets not take the “beach bum” to literal and stroll by the beach looking a hot mess. A bathing suit is key for a fun day at the beach, but how you present it is even better. I wore this black and white  Kiki tunic over mine and had them wondering what I had under until the big reveal. Wrap your presents right girls! Feel free to add a nice floppy hat as I did for a dramatic effect.

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