Jessica Torres

A Little Sunshine

With this never ending winter there was a little bit of sunshine at the end of the tunnel. The wonderful people of NY2YOU send me a lot of goodies for me to wear. The accessories i wear have a bit of a warmer-weather  feel to me. Wearing all black and gray seems just natural during this weather and what better way to call the warmer days to us then with some fun jewelry. I added this fun little Panel Stone Necklace. Believe me you will be seeing me wear this around a lot. Maybe over a plain white tee?

For those of you who may not be familiar with NY2YOU, it is an jewelry company based online catering for the plus size women. If you have big wrist like this little girl (me) then this is the company for you. I will soon be posting the other accessories as I wear them to show you guys. Oh, and did I mention the great prices? Enjoy the pictures loves!

What Im Wearing:

Statement necklace: NY2YOU

Sweater: Michael Kors (old)

Pants: Igigi

Coat and shoes: N/A