Jessica Torres

Opening My Dear Kate Panties!


Hi guys! Some of you may know already but I had an unfortunate accident and broke my ankle. I had surgery and now am in the process of healing and wont be able to be back on my feet for three months. I am closely approaching the first month and it has not been as easy as it may seem. Believe it or not the being at home all the time is the hardest part. So now that I am finally feeling good enough to do some work here and there, I decided to upload this video I filmed almost a year ago.

The great people from Dear Kate send me these Ada briefs for me to wear and enjoy! Here this video is when I received it and open the package with you all to see! The update from when I started wearing is that I do not know how to shop for under wear in terms of sizing. The underwear fit me a little loose but it was still very comfortable. The sizing of the underwear did not prevent it from becoming my favorite panties! I honestly am considering in getting more undies from them. Who knows I may even do a little shoot wearing my favorite undies? *wink wink* By the way does anyone know how to shop for undies online properly? Any tips?

Ada brief here!