The body positive bag all Latinx ​need

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If there is anything you can say about Latinx is that we find so many euphemisms for everything and anything. I can think of at least 20 different ways to call someone stupid or beautiful. Our body fat is not an exemption to the rule.


Growing up in New York City I have learned so many ways to refer to my muffin top and body rolls. In Ecuador, we call them “guata,” my Dominican friends call them “chichos,” and my Mexican friends called them “lonjas.” The options were endless.


One of my followers recently told me about a tote bag she was very proud of and wanted me to sport around. Once I saw the tote I knew I had to have it.There is no better way to remind myself to love my “guata,””chichos,” or “lonjas” than by wearing a bag that told me so.


Let me know what funny euphemisms you have for your muffin top and other body parts in the comment section or on my Facebook page here.

What I’m wearing:

Coat: Old Navy similar here

Jacket: Asos similar here.

Top: Forever21

Jeans: Eloquii

Boots: Asos cheaper option here.

Tote: Pristine Boutique

2 Replies to “The body positive bag all Latinx ​need”

  1. You are an absolutely beautiful woman. I love that you love who you are and recognize beauty is far beyond how small your waist is. Keep doing what makes you happy. God bless.

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