Jessica Torres

The coat I will never stop wearing


Wearing a (faux) fur jacket automatically makes me feel like a complete bad ass. I’m known for bailing on parties to go watch a movie while snuggling my dog and eating sunflower seeds. This has made it really hard to create this bad ass persona I’ve always wanted. But, recently I was introduced to this amazing faux fur jacket from Torrid and things have never been the same.


Torrid sent this amazing faux fur jacket and I have been wearing it a lot. You can literally wear them with anything and it automatically makes you look so well put together.


This jacket definitely forced me to tap into my inner baddie and be the boss ass bitch I’ve always known I could be. At least until I took it off.


What clothing item in your closet makes you feel bad and bougee?


What im wearing:

Coat: Torrid and more here.

Top: The Kylie Jenner Shop

Joggers: Forever21 similar here.

Sneakers: Adidas

Hat: Street vendor similar here.


  • Damn, you are BAD. I kinda imagine you now as a bouncer in a night club, cleaning the place up! So curvy and inspiring!

    February 8, 2017