Jessica Torres

I’ve been wearing the same strapless bra for three years- here’s why I’ll never stop


I really hated bras.

Ever since I received my first bra when I was 10, I have been tormented by them. I spent all of my teenage years wearing bras that were too small. Many times it was because I was afraid of sizing up.  I also used it as motivation to lose weight. Spoiler alert – it didn’t work.

Wearing bras that were too small and ripped into my skin have left me with scars that remind me of how much I hated bras. After being measured by a professional years ago I have been wearing bras that finally fit me. No more scars, burned skin and welts. Just perky boobs.

As I entered the fashion blogger world I discovered various brands and I have experimented with many bras. But the bra that I found about 3 years ago changed my life forever.

I went shopping at Lane Bryant and visited their intimate section, Cacique. As I stacked a bunch of bras on my arm to try-on I came across a strapless bra. I wasn’t too sure about it but I tried it on anyways.

Like many plus-size women, strapless bras don’t really give me the physical or emotional support I need. 


Light Weight Multi-way Strapless bra ($46.50, Lane Bryant)

Once I put the bra on I heard angels playing the harp and cute little leprechauns dancing and singing around me. It fit me so well that I bought two that same day.

Let me tell you why this bra is so good.

The back band is so thick it keeps my back fat in check when I wear tight tops or dresses.


I always wear it if I’m wearing something that hugs my curves.

The bra comes with straps for multiple uses but the cups and side panels hold my breast in place that I don’t even bother adding them.


This is how the bra looks from behind with the Light Weight Multi-way Strapless bra.


My back fat is smoothed out and a smoother silhouette is created.

This is what my back looks like in other bras. Jess_bra-028.jpg

I’ve tried other strapless bra but none have ever matched how comfortable I feel with a strapless bra.


Wheather I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder top or not I rock this bra on a daily basis. The bra has been a staple in my wardrobe and after 8 months to a year, I buy a new one.

What bra makes you feel like a queen? Click here to try-out the bra.

Photos by Monica Krystel Rose

  • Shel


    LIVELY BRAS! Please give them a try! These bras have changed my life, I was in the same boat as you but now I feel like a totally different person!

    March 13, 2018