I tried Modcloths plus-size clothes for a week -here’s everything you should know

Remembering that only 5 years ago plus-size women had about 2 options to shop from makes me shudder. Thankfully many brands are now expanding their options and some cater specifically to plus-size women.

Plus-size women never really had the option to experiment with fashion. We had to wear what was available. Therefore not many of us know what are style really is.

That’s why I decided to be everyone’s fat Barbie and play dress up for you. I will be trying out various brands for a week and see how they stand in style, price, and versatility.

The week I decided to try on Modcloth for a week.


Modcloth is an online brand that caters to women from a size XXS – 4X. They don’t really have Forever21 prices nor do they have Forever 21 quality.    

Day 1.


For day one I decided to go with the most Modcloth-esq dress I could find. A floral print wrap-dress is as true to their brand as it goes. I quickly worried that the dress would make me overheat in the 90-degree weather plus humidity we have had to deal with in NYC.

I was completely wrong. The woven material of the dress felt so light. The few gushes of wind we got would run right through it making me feel refreshed.

I tried on the 4X and noticed how slightly roomy it felt around the belly area. I managed to “fix” the problem by tightening the belt that it came with. Aside from that the dress fits perfectly on my arms and neckline.


To style the dress – I went for trendy tiny white sunglasses and matching white slides. Though I would normally not pick up the bag while shopping I knew I had to give it a try. It was very feminine and whimsical, it just felt right for the dress.

Flaunting Florals Surplice midi dress ($65, Modcloth); Buzzing About Blossoms by Betsey Johnson ($45, Modcloth); White Cat Eye sunglasses ($11, ASOS); Sila slide by Christian Siriano ($10, Payless)

Day 2.


My biggest concern while wearing ModCloth for a week was looking like a repressed housewife from the 50’s. I didn’t want to seem like I was wearing a costume. That’s how I thought I would feel with the striped wrap dress. I decided to wear it at the beginning of the week to “get it over with.”

My opinion changed almost immediately after trying it on the dress in a 3X. I felt glamorous and sophisticated. I loved how comfortable I felt. The pleats on the dress gave me all the drama I could need.


To style the dress I played along with the colors of the dress. I wore yellow bright thick heels, a green whimsical zebra bag, and chic pink sunglasses.

This dress had turned into my favorite look I have ever tried on.

Knowingly Chic Wrap dress ($99, Modcloth); Sahara Character crossbody bag by Compania Fantastica ($39, Modcloth); Genna Yello Block heels by Raid ( $40, ASOS)

Day 3


For the third day, I went for a classic red dress trying to channel my inner Rita Moreno. The silky 4X red dress fit slightly big but tightening the straps made it feel like a glove.


To match the dress I decided to style it with a red clutch and white sneakers to give it some edge and avoid it from looking too cutesy. I immediately fell in love with the dress and accessories but questioned if I would ever want to pay $90 for a dress. It felt worth it. I know this dress won’t fall apart after a wash and that I would be able to wear it over and over again.

Glamorous Guest dress ($89, Modcloth); Heart It All Before clutch ($20, Modcloth); Emilee Lace Up Canvas sneakers ($9, Target)



When I first saw this dress I figured it’d be one of my favorites once it was on. I was wrong. The dress felt flat for me and didn’t make me feel as classy or dramatic as the other looks. The dress felt like it belonged in the beach and now in the streets of NYC. I wouldn’t pay almost $100 for it.

The neckline was my favorite part but the accessories stole the show for me.

Known to Flow Maxi dress ($99, Modcloth); Spark Spontaneously straw bag by Urban Expressions inc ($30, ModCloth); Closest Fringe slide sandal by BC Footwear ($65, Modcloth)

Day 5


I couldn’t end the week without wearing a classic vintage bottom. When I pulled out the pants from the packaging I thought it wouldn’t fit, even at a 4X. Once I put them on they fit like a glove.

I styled it with a classic slogan tee and round clutch. I loved the look and felt cute AF. The tee is definitely longer than I expected so I had to tuck it in. I added the red gingham slides for a fun contrast with the tee and pants.

Jive Got a Feeling pants by Hell Bunny ($59, Modcloth); Full Fortitude graphic tee ($30, Modcloth); Impactful Addition clutch ($40, Modcloth)

Overall review:

I didn’t expect to like the Modcloth dresses as much as I do. I figured I would walk out feeling like I was dressing like someone else. For most of the items I went for a 4X and they fit perfect. But, I am glad I did. I discovered a fashion side of myself I didn’t know was there.

However, their prices were the biggest obstacle I had to overcome from this entire experience. I constantly have to remind myself that wearing an outfit that cost more than $20 means I will be able to use it for a longer time. My body is worth buying a $100 dress especially if it makes me feel as good as I looked.


12 plus-size crop tops under $20 that will make you want to show off your belly

When I was a little girl I would hope and pray my belly would be flat enough for a crop top. Society told me that a body like mine would never be able to show off her belly.

My body was gross, unflattering and always a work in progress. I later made the conscious decision to allow myself to enjoy fashion and be part of fashion trends. Though they weren’t “in” I knew I wanted to enjoy crop tops and I did. I wore crop tops over and over again.

Summer is back and so is my belly. Here are 12 cheap AF crop tops we should all be  wearing this summer:


1. Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top, $15.90

IMG_5189 3.jpg

2. Polka Dot Mesh Top, $14.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.17.43 PM.png

3. Sheer Fan Graphic Surplice Crop Top, $17.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.17.58 PM

4. Ribbed Crop Top, $19.60

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.18.17 PM.png

5. Polka Dot Self-Tie Crop Top, $10.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.18.31 PM.png

6. Striped Crop Top, $22.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.18.55 PM

7. Self-Tie Stripe Crop Top, $25

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.19.10 PM.png

8. Self-Tie Shirt, $17.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.19.35 PM.png

9. Back Drawstring Keyhole Crop Top, $28

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.19.22 PM.png

10. Pinstriped Crop Cami, $14.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.19.48 PM.png

11. Pepsi Graphic Cropped Tee, $17.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.20.16 PM.png

12. Floral Ruffle Top, $19.90

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 10.20.29 PM.png


12 infuriating things about shopping while plus-size

We all have things that can make us see red. From loud chewers to slow walkers. But, these 12 things can make any plus-size women want to be buried alive.

1. Trying to shop IRL with your skinny best friend


“Oh, you don’t carry it in fat, nevermind.”

2. Having only one clothing rack available in plus-size


“This is your size inclusive collection?!”

3.Trying to squeeze into the biggest size available


“This might fit if I can hold my breath forever.”

4. Only having 1 or 2 brick and mortar locations available in your city


5. Not being to able to shop last minute for an event. We  have to plan for months

lol 3.gif

“Last minute plans? What is that?”

6. Guessing your size with each brand you shop online


“Do I size up, do I size down?

7. Missing your package delivery cause you’re forced to shop online only


8. Not having the same stylish clothes available that skinny girls get to wear


9. Having to pay twice as much for clothes


10. When people comment about how your body looks like in certain clothes


11. Trying on skinny jeans


12. Jackets that look amazing on but you can’t button up








I tried JcPenneys first plus-size swimsuits


After the first plus-size collection in collaboration with Ashley Nell Tipton, JcPenney’s has officially released their first plus-size swimsuit collection.

The collection was released with plus-size Latina model Jessica Milagros and retails at  $35.40 up to $65.40 in sizes 1x-3x. Based on their size chart a 1X is an equivalent to a 16w/18w, 2X a 20w/22w and the 3x is a 24w/26w.

I managed to get my hands on a few swimsuits. This is everything you should know before you buy.

1. Floral one-piece swimsuit, $48


When I first put on the swimsuit I realized that the thing breast padding was hitting extremely low on me. This swimsuit was definitely made for a taller woman in mind. I loved the style but I would have to size down to make sure that the padding on the swimsuit, which can not be removed, hits right on my breast.

After adjusting the back straps and making the swimsuit shorter I was able to enjoy the pool without having my boobs spill out.

Buy the swimsuit here.

2. Purple bikini bottom and top, $28 each.


Out of all of the swimsuits of the collection, this one was my favorite. I loved the pretty criss-cross detail of the bra top and loved the thick band on the back. I decided to give the 3X a try.

However, when I put on the swimsuit top I realized how oversized the cups were. I could actually fit my fist inside of the cup. As someone who carries most of their weight on the bottom, I did not mind having a bigger bikini bottom.

Buy the top here and the bottoms here.

3. Orange one-piece floral swimsuit, $48


This swimsuit was meant to live at the beach. When I first put this one-piece on I felt like it fit like a glove, until it reached my breast. Just like the purple swimsuit the cups were too big. Luckily, I was able to tighten the back to shorten the back band which made the cups fit much better. I could size down to a 3X for a better cup fit but the way it fit around my butt and belly was just too good to size down.

Which swimsuit was your favorite? Check out the rest of the collection here.



I styled this jumpsuit in 4 different ways to prove that you can be broke and stylish


Many people think that to be a stylish person you need to have a full closet. As a plus-size style blogger, I learned that the real trick is to learn how to style your pieces in different ways.

I never buy anything unless I can style it in various ways and for different occasions. It’s about making the most out of your purchases especially if you are on a budget or don’t get to shop often.

While at CurvyCon last summer I came across Ashley Stewarts shopping booth and this denim jumpsuit caught my eye. It was a bold jumpsuit and I loved it. It had wide pants a fun frill detail on top.

Here are the 4 looks I created:




For the first day, I decided to add a statement jacket. I used the denim jumpsuit as my neutral and added two bold pieces. I love how leopard goes with burgundy so I mixed them together.

Jacket: Ashley Stewart s/o similar here

Top: Forever21 s/0 similar here

Booties: Aldo similar here


LOOK 2img_4565 copy.jpg

This look was my favorite and I enjoyed how easy it was to put together. Since the jumpsuit has thin straps I knew I wanted to wear a top with statement sleeves to go along with the frill of the jumpsuit. I added the silver mesh booties and the beret to dress it up more.

Top: ASOS s/o similar here

Beret: Topshoop s/o similar here

Booties: Simply Be


LOOK 3.Facetune_17-03-2018-16-26-29.jpg

You can’t do denim without plaid. I added this five-year-old Old Navy jacket and a rhinestoned beanie to contrast the masculine and feminine items to make this outfit.

Plaid jacket: Old Navy similar here 

Beanie: Urban Outfitters

LOOK 4IMG_3134.jpg

It isn’t a secret I am a fan of Premme. I added their jacket over the jumpsuit and a matching beret. I find it easy to sometimes pick a color and use it as a theme for the look.

Jacket: Premme similar here

Beret: Urban Outfitters 

Sneakers: ADIDAS




This new plus-size brand created the best bodysuit for women with big bellies and it changed my life


I love the change that the body positive movement has caused in the fashion industry. The brands that once ignored our needs are now expanding their sizes to serve us.

As a fashion and beauty producer I often try so many brands that claim to serve us, but on most occasions, all they have done is expand the fabric and forget that our bodies are not all shaped the same. Making it hard for plus-size bodies that are not hourglass shaped find clothes that fit right. 

One of the biggest trends in the past year has been bodysuits. Though they can be a nightmare for every woman of every size to put on and take off while in the bathroom, they seem to be almost impossible to wear for fat women. Plus-size women like me who carry their weight on their belly can have a harder time wearing them.

That has caused me to completely avoid wearing bodysuits. 

Enter Premme, and their game-changing bodysuit, the Alexa Bodysuit ($55) 


When Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason announced that they would be designing a plus-size clothing brand I knew they weren’t playing games. I automatically expected chic and well fitting clothes.

I was sent a few items to try-on and honestly, my fashion life has changed. I tried the bodysuit and was perplexed at how easy it was for me to put it on, even with my big belly.


The Alexa bodysuit I own is a size 3. Based on Premme’s size chart it is equivalent to a size 3X.

When I first tried the bodysuit it felt like it was custom made for my body. There was enough space for my belly to live in it without feeling restricted on the band in between my legs.


After wearing it on multiple occasions I began to notice that it was slightly too big. I would consider sizing down.

I personally felt shocked to have the option of sizing up and down in a bodysuit. On most occasions, I always have to wear the biggest size which happens to be a 3X on most brands.


So while mainstream media catches up and creates a genuine solution and gives us the proper place we deserve in the industry, I recommend in investing your money in brands that truly know how to cater to your body.

Photos by: Monica Rose @mkrshoots (Instagram)

19 Plus-size Vacation Dress Under $45


One of my favorite thing about seasonal changes is the new person I get to be. With the change of the seasons my style changes and evolves.  With the warmer weather sneaking up on us I am ready to do some damage to my wallet and go off on buying some cute dresses for the Spring and Summer.

Here are 19 dresses I can not wait to wear:


1) Frill Wrap Spot Printed Dress, $27

IMG_4307Buy here.


2) Crochet White Bell Sleeve dress, $14


Buy here.


3) Ruffle Open Shoulder dress, $23


Buy here.


4) Applique V Neck Lace Skater dress, $35


Buy here.


5) Stripe and Floral Wrap dress, $24


Buy here.


6) Spot Silky Wrap dress, $29


Buy here.


7)Ruffle Maxi dress, $23


Buy here

8) Bow Front Skater dress, $29


Buy here.


9)Off The Shoulder Wrap midi dress, $24


Buy here.


10) Ruched Ruffle Bardot dress, $15.50

off shoulder blue dress

Buy here.



11) One-shoulder Asymmetric Lace Dress w/ belt, $43

one strap yellow dress

Buy here.


12) Stripe Sundress, $29

rainbow dress

Buy here.


13) Sexy Wrap Midi Bodycon dress, $35

red wrap dress

Buy here.


14) Embellished Trim Shift Mini Dress, $30

ruffle sleeve

Buy here.


15) Dobby Mesh Skater Dress, $39

sheer floral dress asos

Buy here.


16) Tea Dress with Hook in Eye Mono Floral dress, $18

tulle floral dress

Buy here.


17) Cold Shoulder Midi Dress with Fluted Sleeve, $29.50

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.46.18 PM

Buy here.


18) Wrap Off-The-Shoulder dress, $28

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.01.09 PM

Buy here.


19) Ruffle Sleeve dress, $34.80

gray ruffle sleeve dress

Buy here.


I’ve been wearing the same strapless bra for three years- here’s why I’ll never stop


I really hated bras.

Ever since I received my first bra when I was 10, I have been tormented by them. I spent all of my teenage years wearing bras that were too small. Many times it was because I was afraid of sizing up.  I also used it as motivation to lose weight. Spoiler alert – it didn’t work.

Wearing bras that were too small and ripped into my skin have left me with scars that remind me of how much I hated bras. After being measured by a professional years ago I have been wearing bras that finally fit me. No more scars, burned skin and welts. Just perky boobs.

As I entered the fashion blogger world I discovered various brands and I have experimented with many bras. But the bra that I found about 3 years ago changed my life forever.

I went shopping at Lane Bryant and visited their intimate section, Cacique. As I stacked a bunch of bras on my arm to try-on I came across a strapless bra. I wasn’t too sure about it but I tried it on anyways.

Like many plus-size women, strapless bras don’t really give me the physical or emotional support I need. 


Light Weight Multi-way Strapless bra ($46.50, Lane Bryant)

Once I put the bra on I heard angels playing the harp and cute little leprechauns dancing and singing around me. It fit me so well that I bought two that same day.

Let me tell you why this bra is so good.

The back band is so thick it keeps my back fat in check when I wear tight tops or dresses.


I always wear it if I’m wearing something that hugs my curves.

The bra comes with straps for multiple uses but the cups and side panels hold my breast in place that I don’t even bother adding them.


This is how the bra looks from behind with the Light Weight Multi-way Strapless bra.


My back fat is smoothed out and a smoother silhouette is created.

This is what my back looks like in other bras. Jess_bra-028.jpg

I’ve tried other strapless bra but none have ever matched how comfortable I feel with a strapless bra.


Wheather I’m wearing an off-the-shoulder top or not I rock this bra on a daily basis. The bra has been a staple in my wardrobe and after 8 months to a year, I buy a new one.

What bra makes you feel like a queen? Click here to try-out the bra.

Photos by Monica Krystel Rose


I tried the drugstore version of Kat Von D’s matte lipsticks

pjimage (8).jpg

The biggest downfall of being a makeup lover is how expensive it can be. Most items in my makeup bag do come from a drugstore but there are certain things I don’t mind splurging for, and one of those things for me is – matte lipstick.

Ever since I discovered matte lipsticks I have never gone back to any other formula. Many of them can be drying and feel like the moisture from your lips is being drained. The first matte liquid lipstick I ever tried, and the one that got me hooked on matte lipsticks, was Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick ($15.) As I experimented with more I found Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid lipsticks, and even though they go for $20, I have been hooked ever since.

I recently came upon Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick and decided to give them a try. Little did I know I would find a less expensive alternative for a liquid lipstick I was faithfully bound to.

Maybelline’s Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick comes in 20 different shades and retail for $7 a piece.

IMG_2110 copy.jpg

I had a hard time selecting the colors but I ended up buying Fighter, Pioneer, Driver, and Huntress.

The first color I decided to give a try was Fighter.


Once I opened the lipstick the first thing I noticed was the sweet vanilla smell. I tried it on and it wore similar to Kat Von D’s formula. I had it on for a full working day and even after lunch it didn’t budge, I was physically SHOOK. I was officially excited to try the other colors.

Red lipstick is a staple in my makeup bag so I had to try their only true red option, Pioneer.Facetune_01-02-2018-16-40-44

I really wasn’t a fan of this tone of red. I prefer my reds to be would be brighter and with a little less dark undertone in it.

There is no better way to test lipstick than by making out or eating.


Since ya girl is single AF we had to test it with some lunch. The red lipstick slightly faded in the inner part of the mouth and most importantly it didn’t stain my chin.

The second to last lipstick I tried I was Driver their palest ‘nude.’


I usually would never wear nudes this pale but I was happy I tried it. This shade dried much faster than the other colors I tried without drying my lips.

I gave this lipstick the lunch test as well.


The fade of the lipstick was much more noticeable than the other lipsticks but it was nothing I couldn’t fix with a quick retouch. I can’t forget to mention that it would be great to have more nude options for WOC that are much darker than I am.

The last and final color kept it real with me.


I tried Huntress on the last day and I was so surprised at how pretty and unique the color was.

I gave this color the lunch test as well and clearly, it failed.


My lipstick didn’t stand a chance.  Under my lips and my chin also suffered the consequences. The truth is the lipstick held up better than I thought. It goes for $7 and held up just as well if not better than Kat Von D’s matte lip stains.

Final review:


The color options were beautiful and the quality of the $7 formula held up like a $20 lipstick did. Even though the color Huntress faded much more dramatically than the others it was just like I was wearing Kat Von D’s dark matte lipsticks.

This is definitely a collection worth trying.