6 Outfits Every Girl Needs For Travel



As much as I love traveling I hate overpacking especially if it’s for a small vacation. I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit now and I think I figured out the essential outfits needed to avoid overpacking.

Catherines recently invited me to Savannah for a quick getaway with two of my friends, Jezra and Jennifer. This was my time to try and pack like a genius.

Once we arrived at Savannah we were greeted with an amazing view. The Wedding Cake Mansion was our home for the next few days.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 11.04.52 AM.png


I immediately ran to my room and boy, was I shook!

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.09.18 PM


The room was just screaming for a photo shoot. That meant the trip officially began. It was time to put my outfits to the test.

1.  The multipurpose jumpsuit.JESSICA_12.jpg

You can plan as much as you want for a trip but, part of the fun are the unexpected activities you do last minute. I packed this versatile jumpsuit and dressed them up with some black heels. I can definitely see myself wearing this with a pair of flats or even sneakers.

Curvy Collection Runway Jumpsuit, $89.

Once we settled in the girls and I couldn’t wait to play dress-up and be the luxury southern belles we were born to be. 


Have you ever seen a more photogenic house?

GROUP_26 (1).jpg

Even the outside of the house was screaming for a photo shoot.


2. Stretchy pants.


As much as I love wearing dresses and skirts I always make sure to pack a pair of pants for the most active days. This way I know I will be comfortable to do the activities I please without being afraid of feeling restricted.

San Jacinto blouse, / Cool and Easy Capri, $45 / Good Soles Peep Toe Heel, $59








GROUP_18 (1).jpg


3. Instagram ready PJ’S.

GROUP_1 (1).jpg

Chilling in your house after a fun day doesn’t mean you have to look basic. My girls and I wore the cutest and brightest jammies and just chilled.

4. Sexy lingerie.


If your girls don’t take pictures of you in your underwear are they really your girls? Also, I’m single AF and I should at least let them see me in my underwear.

Superior Support Bra, $46 / Microfiber Full Brief $20


Who knew this would turn out to be my favorite look?JESSICA_10.jpg


5. A printed dress.jessica1_0001

This may seem silly but a printed dress is essential if you are messy. I like to wear this one on the days I know I will be out all day. If I spill something on it I can still take pics for IG and I don’t have to worry about going back home to change. It’s harder to see a stain in a crazy print dress. #TipsForMessyGirls

Soulmate belted dress, $73.99




After learning that we would be making our own dinner with a special chef I knew I made the right choice by packing this dress. #Winning.






6. The airport outfit.

JESSICA_2 (1).jpg

My outfits for my plane rides are crucial. Nothing makes me more grumpy than being sitting down for hours in an uncomfortable plane seat and outfit. Whether you travel for an hour or 12 you want to make sure you are comfortable. I usually wear leggings but the pj’s from Catherine’s was so comfy I decided to wear it as a dress. I sexed it up a bit with a cute choker.

Bella sleep chemise, $54.


Rhinestone choker, $16



Hasta Pronto Ecuador!

After seeing my family and eating home made Ecuadorian food, nostalgia kicks in. I had a blast in Ecuador. Even though fashion seems to be a few decades behind I enjoyed my stay. However you do get to see the beautiful and very intricate outfits worn by the indigenous people,which are usually sown with gold, yes gold. After seeing their beautiful outfits I decided to make a special outfit for you guys. Its a Carrie Bradshaw takes Loja, Ecuador. No?

The inspiration:

These pins represent what they do for a living. Can I just keep her?! How cute! My outfit:

_DSC0371_DSC0463_2 _DSC0476_2 _DSC0502_2
_DSC0567_2 _DSC0570_2 Shit, I really got into it! lol_DSC0573These two shots are from de plaza of San Sebastian where I took pictures and tried to film a little vid for you guys. Unfortunately the videos seem not that great :/ Ill let you guys know if I manage to get at least three coherent seconds together._DSC0457




What I’m wearing:

Blazer: Asos curve

Top: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Curvaceous K

Shoes: Forever21

Sunnies: Prada


A Orillas Del Zamora…

So as soon as my dear friend Karla gifted these super cute Forever21 shorts I knew what I would write about on the blog. But before I do, I wanted to share these amazing pictures of my little trip to Zamora. I went there once about 10 years ago and remember being dumbfounded by how beautiful it was. I knew I wanted to go back one day.
 These pictures were taking on our way there, which is my favorite part. You can see a variety of waterfalls on your way there. Oh how I wish I was there again! Enough of my nostalgia. Here goes what i really want to say…
  While being in one of my native countries, Ecuador, and as i enjoyed my family, the food, the scenery, and my friends I have to mention a few things about being an immigrant in both of my native countries.
I was born originally in Loja, Ecuador. My parents migrated to the states when I was only 7 months old. I grew up in The Bronx, New York. As I got older and interacted with others I came to the conclusion that I have been and will be an immigrant everywhere I go. It doesn’t seem to change. When I was 13 my parents and I moved to Ecuador for a couple of years. I always say it was one of the best times of my life. I learned so much about my country of birth. However everyone referred to my siblings and I as ” Los gringos,” which is a nickname given to Americans. I had used it before towards others. For some reason I never saw myself as a “gringa” since I came from a spanish speaking country. It was funny to see how even though I was ” one of them” I was singled out as a gringa. Don’t get me wrong, I never took it offensive nor did they mean in such way. If there’s one thing I can assure you about Ecuadorians is that we have a great sense of humor and love to joke around, or at least the ones around me.
I remember always saying it loud and proud that I was Ecuadorean to everyone and anyone, whether they asked or not. As a child I always remember being called the spanish girl, though it was wrong since I’m not from Spain.
After analyzing the situation and much thinking I asked myself: where am I from? And I realized that no matter where I went I would always be an immigrant. In my native country I was a “gringa” and in the USA I was an Ecuadorian. Which made me come to a conclusion. I am an eternal immigrant. It’s true. I am Ecuadorian-American but no matter where I go I will always be a foreigner.
Don’t worry, I  have no problem being the immigrant, for some reason I tend to cheer for the underdog and though Latinos are the biggest minority we still are slightly neglected.  I write this to create awareness of who we are and to prove that we are all the same. When we die we either all go to heaven or hell ( for those who believe) an we are not separated by an American or Ecuadorian heaven or hell. Love your neighbor and accept them.

See the braid? I went through a braid-my-hair everyday phase while over there. How beautiful is this shot! You can see the road and how its been done over the waterfall.

What Im Wearing:

Blazer: Asos Curve

Top: Lane Bryant

Shorts: Forever21

Sunnies: Rayban


An American Blogger In The Botanical Garden

At this point of my trip I had seen all my family and decided to be a tourist. And since you guys were always in my mind, I needed to find a nice place to take some pics for you guys. My lovely little cousins, (Hi Bridget and Joseline!), told me about the very beautiful botanical garden. The view from wherever you stood was breath taking. This has to be one of my favorite locations I have taken pictures for the blog from. Neither my cousins nor I had been there before so after taking the pictures we were told that I missed so much in the Botanical Garden like waterfalls, which I am a fan of.  I guess ill have to go back to Ecuador just for those pics!


Is it me? Or does this outfit feel very Nicolette Mason-ish, no?!

In Ecuador, most of the country stops what they are doing during lunch time. Most small businesses close for about three hours to go home or out to lunch. We completely forgot about the ecuadorian lunch time and we went to the garden while it was shut down. We had to wait a couple of hours before we even went inside. The pictures from this point forward are from the inside of the botanical garden.







Had to change shoes after a while. These oxfords were very comfy. I actually got the shoes for $20 or so, at a super small boutique in the Bronx.


Thanks for visiting guys!

What Im Wearing:

Jacket: American Rag

Top: American Rag

Skirt: Asos Curve

Belt: Asos Curve

Purse: Aldo

Shoes: Forever21

Sunnies: Prada


A Chupar en Vilcabamba!

Me fui de chupe! In other words I went out drinking. No, don’t worry I didn’t get into a shady bar and got drunk senseless but I went wine tasting.  Close enough! Back in 2011, when I was only 11 years old my mom and her sister went wine tasting at “Vinos y Licores Vilcabamba” for my little brothers baptism. My mom and my aunt migrated to the USA together and went through many experiences that strengthen their bond. I remember being told to wait outside with my little sister because the grown ups were busy. After what seemed like days my mom and aunt walked out laughing and giggling like teenage girls. Their cheeks reflected red roses and they had mist on their foreheads. Something told me they had tasted too much wine. It was very nice to see them walkout with their arms hooked onto each other and giggling like teenage girls. I always wanted to go wine tasting there but when I lived in Ecuador the location had been closed down.

For those of you who might not know much about Vilcabamba, not that I know enough to school you, it is a small town valley known as the Valley of the Longevity (El Valle de la Longevidad) since their people tend to live over 100 years.  This time going into “Vinos y Licores Vilcabamba” was in my to-do list while in Ecuador. I tasted a variety of wines and liquors that had me all ‘happy.’ Here are a few shots I took while in Vilcabamba. Hope you guys enjoy. I’d love to hear one of your childhood memories of your loved ones.  By the way my favorite was the blackberry wine (Vino de Mora), and the passion fruit liquor (Licor de Maracuya)


My mom and all her 5 siblings were baptized in this cute little church in the center of Vilcabamba.


What Im Wearing:


Shorts: Forever21

Bag: H&m

Sunglasses: Raybans



Ecuador: La Costa

Hi guys! So sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. They say its better to ask for forgiveness then for permission, no? The truth is that I went to Ecuador for 3 weeks and I had a blast. For those of you who might not know I am Ecuadorian and I went to visit my family. I am from a city called Loja but before going to Loja, my family and I did a little tour through the coast of Ecuador. I am a bit of a planner. I planned the tour a certain way but it totally went the opposite way of how I mentally organized the trip, maybe that’s the problem I should have told my family how I wanted it to go. My fault! Any who, no more blabbing. Here are a few pics I took when going through the coast of Ecuador. Hope you guys enjoy it. By the way I do have a few more post from trip so don’t forget to come back and see if I updated my blog, or just subscribe! Our journey began in Guayaquil where we arrived and immediately headed towards Puerto Lopez a small beach town. On out way there we made a lot of pit stops. This picture below is of one of out stops. Believe it or not I took this picture when the car was going 60 mph or something like that. Not bad, huh? This little “hotel” was our home for only a night in Puerto Lopez. I spent my night drinking beer and dancing in a bar in the beach. It was a lot of fun.

The picture below is of a plate called “Tigrillo” which is a specialty of the this area in Ecuador. Its essentially smashed plantains cooked in a specific way and then served with cheese. So good! This cute little couple lives in Puerto Lopez and sell little bracelets and necklaces and other artifacts that you can have custom made for you and have them write whatever you like. Just like I did in the necklace below. After spending 2 days in Puerto Lopez we headed towards Montañita which is another party beach town, they have a hardcore party vibe. We only spent half of the day there unfortunately, but we did a lot.  My sisters and some relatives left Puerto Lopez wanting to go whale watching. When we got to Montañita my sister found these group of guys who are in charge of the parasailing in the beach and convinced them to take us whale watching. We were on the little boat that you see on top. Thinking back it was not safe at all what we did. We had no life lifesavers or any sort of protection. We were to excited to think. At one point we got too close to the whales.  This is the only shot I got from the whales. :/ Once we came back they already had a line of people waiting to go parasailing. It was fun to watch. Im terrified of heights so thats as close as ill get to that. At night we went walking into the town where people were already partying and having fun.  We met these guys that are from the Ecuadorian amazon and sell jewelry made by seeds and other items found in the amazon.Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures. Trust me they get better!