Neonized July

Hey fabulous friends! Originally I want to make a post for the 4th, but unfortunately I was stuck at work while my family got nice tans, at least on their foreheads (right Catherine), so I decided to create a little collage on one of my favorite trends, NEON! We all know trends tend to last a second or two and it can get quite pricey. If your interested in diving into this trend try by just getting accessories that won’t create a whole in your pocket. Here are a few accessories I want to get. Can you tell which neon color I prefer? hahaha

Hola amigos fabulosos! Originalmente quería hacer un ‘outfit’ para el 4 de Julio pero desafortunadamente estuve trabajando y me pase toda la noche leyendo artículos y haciendo deberes para una clase que estoy tomando ahora en el verano. Pero bueno ahora con lo divertido! Una de las tendencias favoritas es el NEON! Como las tendencias duran 3 segundos que tal si usan accesorios para agregar la tendencia sin tener que declararse en banca rota. (JAJAJA) Aquí les dejo unos de los accesorios que me gustan. Disfruten!

1. Shoemint shoes “Kaylen”

2.Zara clutch

3.Just fabulous bag

4.Essie Neon

5.Asos bag

 Till next time!

Hasta la próxima!

International Holiday

For those poor people who don’t know what international holiday it is today, allow me to inform you that its my birthday, hahaha. Im actually a little more modest. Originally my family and I were planning to go to a Peruvian restaurant and celebrate my sisters birthday as well as mine. Her birthday is two days before mine so we have always celebrated our birthdays together. However this time since everyone had to work expect for the birthday girl and the step daddy, we decided to make a big meal and just eat at home. Its been such a lovely day, with exception of the heat, and i just wanted to thank my friends and family for the beautiful wishes. Oh and happy birthday to me!

hahaha  ImageImage


What I wore:

Forever21: Tank top, shorts

Vintage: Blazer (I added the buttons)



Sorry for taking big gaps between post I think I have a photographer now. Thanks to my lil bro Jason for taking my pictures. Love you gibby!