BTS: Festival Lookbook

 I can finally share with you guys a wonderful project I have been working on with the fabulous Kelly.So one day I got a text from Kelly asking me if I wanted to be part of her lookbook. I was in shock, flattered, scared and excited. If you aren’t familiar with Kelly’s famous lookbooks make sure to go through them after this. They are always so fabulous. I immediately said yes, though I prayed every night to God I didn’t screw her lookbook up. LOL After a couple of weeks of planning I met up with her in Jersey and we shot it all in one beautiful warm day.

Let me know what you guys think of the lookbook. Also make sure to go to my YouTube channel here! You’ll see a fun little video I put together from my day with Kelly and Edek (Kellys boyfriend.)

This fun little shot of me on the grass didn’t make it but I love it.


For all the items we are wearing make sure to go to lookbook here!



It’s Here!

This post has been brought to you by the lovely weather we had today and the great sushi I ate. Enjoy the warm weather to come!

What Im Wearing:

Blazer: Asos ( similar here)

Skirt: Asos (similar here)

Top: H&M (Similar here)

Sandals: Forever21 (similar here)


Party Pooper

It took my a bit of courage to wear this dress again. I first wore this to FFWeek last summer and then to a friends birthday party where I got really messed up. To make a long story short I ended abandoning my bestie at the party because I thought she left me. I ended up throwing up in a couple of cabs, how classy of me, and got home with my vagina practically out since the dress had unbuttoned from SoHo to The Bronx. Honestly I  was quite scared to wear it. I think you can still smell the mixture of Vodka and Tequila. It sounds worse then it sounds. I am actually the complete opposite of this. I never get so drunk and this was my first time getting  wasted. I don’t recommend it. I haven’t been able to drink tequila ever since. Please ignore the story and enjoy the pics.



What Im Wearing:

Dress: H&M (Similar here)

Jacket: Asos Curve (Here)

Hat: JCPenny (Similar Here)


Mucho Sushi

Hey guys, as many of you have already seen I recently lost my grandfather and cousin both at the same time. This has been a really hard time for my family and I. But one of the best things about going through such a hard time is having friends that care for you and want to cheer you up. My dear friend and on many occasions camera guy, Jose, and I went on a sushi date. We had a pretty good time. It was a much needed sushi outing. Took some pics to share with you guys. Thanks for the support and love you have shown me on my social media.
Decided to try hoop earrings again after like 10 years. I am a BX girl after all.

Sushi Yu II, in the heights, has become one of my favorite sushi places ever. I found it thanks to my dear friend Rachel. And yes, that is chicken with crab meat and melted cheese!!!!

What Im Wearing:

Jacket: Forever21 (Old)

Lane Bryant: V neck

Skirt: Asos Curve


The Hand That Rocks The Balls

The other morning I was debating whether or not to call out from work. I hadn’t been feeling my best lately. After the mental debate, the poor girl girl in me with a shopping addiction decided to go to work. I strolled to the train station, swiped in and traveled to my destination. The blue skies told me it would be another boring day, or so I thought. As I’m walking up a flight of stairs swiging my arms casually as everyone does when they walk, the unexpected happened. A caucasian gentlemen in his mid-thirties was walking behind me and as my hands swinged from the front to the back, some how I managed to grope him. I didn’t just tap it or caressed it with my hand, I cupped his entire package. One could even describe it as rocking the organ, the way a loving mother rocks her child to sleep. Revealing to my sense of touch a very big white man. I instinctly let go and turned around to apologize. His face was compleletly red. Mine was about to sink in into my skull. Although my linguistic gifts have been limited to only Spanish and English I apologized in English, Spanish, Cantonese and maybe even in French. He took a step back and stared me in the eyes and made a circle around me avoiding any type of physical contact as he walked away. My question is should I register myself as a sex offender or should I just wait for the court summons?

Hope you guys enjoyed another of my embarrassing tales from the crypt. Like this post if you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have had an embarrassing encounter like mines. I’d love to know.


What Im Wearing:

Forever21: Hat, Top, Jeans

Asos Curve: Leather Jacket



One Top : Three Looks


Hi guys! Being a personal style and fashion aficionado making your outfits look different and fresh without shopping every weekend can be pretty irritating at times. So I decided to do the stressing for you and today I’m going to share how to wear an item, that most likely we all already own, in three different looks and for three different occasions. Here are the looks. Hope you enjoy the video!

Look 1: Date Night / Girls Night Out

This look is perfect if you are going on a date night or a fun night out with the girls. I paired the denim top with a chiffon skirt. Nothing says “girly” then a soft pink chiffons skirt.I also added black accessories, such as the bag and the shoes, to add a little more edginess to the looks. If you are not afraid to romanticizing the look too much, wear cream or nude heeled sandals and a soft and delicate clutch.


Look 2: Casual Cool Girl Look

Denim on denim has become such a classic. I paired my light colored denim top with my distressed denim jeans to contrast colors and textures. Add a statement necklace/earrings or a cool pair of shades like I did for that “cool girl” look. This look can be worn for a casual day of just hanging out with your family to running errands. You don’t have to wear heels like I did but these are super comfortable. Extra cool points if you theres a glimpse of your bra for that sexy look. Feel free to change your shoes for some cool sneakers, which happen to be in trend now!


Look 3: Fun Office Look

 Not many of us are able to wear a cool looking outfit like this at work but if you’re work environment is pretty laid back feel free to copy this look. I did a statement lippy as well as a knockout necklace. Had we not had these factors into the look it would have looked a bit dead. Wear something that says “Im cute and fashionable but I mean business!”  just like this satchel. A cool pair of glasses never hurt anyone so don’t forget to pop them on before that important meeting.

As you can see I’m really getting into making youtube videos so don’t forget to head over and subscribe and like the videos!

What Im Wearing:

Look 1:                                                       Look 2:                                                  Look3

Denim Top: Old Navy                      Denim Top: Old Navy                   Denim Top: Old Navy

Skirt: Curvaceous K                        Jeans: Forever21                         Pants: Asos Curve

Shoes: N/A                                     Shoes: Forever21                        Shoes: Forever21

Lips: Sephora Lip Stain                   Bra: Panache                             Bag: Forever21

Lips: H&M Lip Tart                     Lips: H&M Lip Tart

Sunnies: Ray Ban                     Glasses: Oliver Peoples




What Does The Fox Say?

As I was going through my phone I found a little journal entry I wrote a few years ago and it made me chuckle. My friends and family know that I am naturally prone to embarrassing moments. I have stories to go for days and this journal entry is just one of them. So I decided to share it with you guys.

For most, High School was a very traumatic experience. A chubby Ecuadorian-American who didn’t fit into any click or group besides the Mexicans cause it’s “close enough,” didn’t have it easy either. I wasn’t bullied, nor was I popular. I was always just there. I was so awkward I didn’t fit in with the cool kids nor the geeks. I was in between, and being in such a gray area can leave to many embarrassing moments. Hence being embarrassed multiple times in front of your high school crush. My best friend Marilyn kept asking me who this guy was. I was always very hesitant to tell her since she knew him and knowing her; I knew she would try and “help.”. After I told her about my crush, Victor,  a white cute Dominican boy whose upper body tripled the size of his waist down. For better or for worse I told Marilyn. At this point Marilyn had not said a word but would intentionally scream out for him from across the hallway so that I could say hi to him. At one of these typical embarrassing occasions a sassy gay friend had found out about the situation and wanted to tell him.

Seconds later all I heard was him screaming out for Victor.

Marilyn and my other friend Estephany just smiled and giggled like two teenage girls, which we were. I just always thought I was a little more mature than my actual age.

My instinct was to run. I ran as fast as my beat up shoes would go. There I was running to the next hallway trying to get out of sight, while my back pack raised the back of my ill fitting top. With half of my jiggle out for the kids in my hallway to see, I decide to stop and turn back. As I was pulling my top down and turned to go back to my friends I met with the elbow of a tall black guy who was practicing imaginary slum dunks.

With a swollen eyebrow and hurt ego I decided to keep on with my day. These are just one of the many stories I have. Hope you enjoyed the story. Did this remind you of your high school days?

What Im Wearing:

Entire outfit Asos Curve.
Does this outfit not remind you of Callie’s?


Hard To Please

As I wish that the days get warmer, I realized that I wanted to layer more before it was too late. Ain’t nothing worse then layering during the summer for a big gurl LOL

In LOVE with this Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm

What I’m Wearing:

Coat: Asos Curve

Denim Jacket: Old Navy

Top: Lane Bryant

Jeans: Forever21

Sunnies: Ray Ban


Straight Pimpin’

One of the most awkward things to do as a blogger, or at least for me, because I am far from being a model, would have to be posing. I mean I wont lie sometimes I do see a pic and scream at the screen “yasss bitch werk” to my self. Yet it is still one of the most uncomfortable things about blogging. Any who, doesn’t this look remind you of a rich older gay gentleman? It does to me and Im not mad about it at all.  Seriously obsessed with this leather jacket. Leather Jacket: Asos Curve

Sweater: Forever21

Jeans: Forever21

Bag: H&M

Sunnies: Ray Ban