Not Everything That Shines Is Gold…Sometimes It’s Aluminum

Hey guys yesterday I finally had sometime to go out and do something fun, I went out to dinner with my sisters and cousin. For those of you who know me, know how boring I am. All I do is work. Naps qualify as fun in my book. Sadly not everyone agrees with me. As much as I love New York sometimes I wish I lived in an area that was more “nature-y.”

Here are some pictures I took right before going to Queens and having Peruvian food and Colombian deserts. It was lots of fun and the food was delicious. By the way, thanks Jose for the pictures!

How fun are these Ray-ban sunglasses?! I’m absolutely obsessed with them! Ever heard of love in second sight? Well thats exactly what happened! Didn’t know what to think the first time I saw them and on the second glance I knew they were mine. These sunglasses are the Aluminum Clubmaster (Ray-ban 3507) I am so tempted to get them all in every color. Or at least in black.

P.S. Excuse my pale legs. Hopefully they’ll get sunlight this summer!

What i’m wearing:

Dress: Forever21

Jacket: QVC

Sandals: Forever21

Sunglasses: Ray-ban (RB3507)

Purse: Forever21


Dim Sum and then Some…

IMG_5286 Sorry for the hair guys!IMG_5256 IMG_5271 IMG_5291

Bubble tea but it didn’t happen. My brother, two sisters and I went to get dim sum for brunch. Just wanted to share this quick brunch sibling date. How did you spend your saturday?

What I’m wearing:

Jumper: Forever21

Parka: Steve Madden

Bag/Faux Fur Scarf:H&M

Tights: Hue (Macy’s)

Sunnies: Bvlgari