How to: Fill in your eyebrows

Im finally posting my ” How to: Fill in your eyebrows” vid and I couldn’t be more excited to show you guys the final project. I filmed the video while I was a little sick. I was going through a bad cold but felt the need to fight through it and finally answer my most frequent asked question. This video is a step by step video of how I personally fill in my eyebrows. Before you click on the video I do have to apologize for my weirdness. If you guys are wondering what products I am using on this tutorial click on the link that will guide to my video and you should find the information in the description box. Thank you so much and please don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and like the video. Thanks!



Panache Bra Makeover!

Hi guys! Im super excited to finally show you this video. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, know about this ‘bra makeover’ Panache would be hosting for one of my followers. I was invited to the event Nicolette Mason hosted for Panache were I was introduced to the Sculptresse line, and found my favorite bra. As dramatic as this may sound, it was literally a life changing moment. Finding a good bra makes you feel confident and can change your body shape. So, after feeling so in love with the bra I realized I also wanted you guys to feel the same way and I quickly asked Panache to do this bra makeover with me. They gladly accepted and the rest is history!

So this is it! Im super excited to show you. Now keep in mind that I was super nervous filming the video. I wasn’t at all prior to it but once the camera was turned on I would completely blank out! LOL Hope you enjoy it! Cant wait to show you the other beauty video I did.


Heres the bra that Carla was wearing. She is wearing the “Pure Lace” bra from the Sculptresse line. The line is available at

Also follow this link for a quick and very detailed Bra Fit Guide!


Special thanks to the entire Panache Lingerie team for being such lovely host that day and also Carla for participating and my dear friend Jose Mera for filming and editing.

What Im Wearing In Video:

Forever21: Jumpsuit

Asos Curve: Leather Jacket




Sorry for the  hashtag titles, twice in a row,  but I just couldn’t resist. I have been feeling a little under the weather and have used this time to look at as many youtube videos I can so I can learn the ins-and-outs of youtube videos. This video just fit so well with todays #throwbackthursday. Here is this quick video I wanted to make months ago when I came back from my little vacay in Ecuador. Be patient and kind this is literally my first time editing. Wish I had more footage to add but my little cousin was filming for me and most of the footage seems like it was filmed by someone without any proper motor skills. Enjoy my super short video!

Click here if you would like to see the actual post!